Direct Sales Success: Finding Your Perfect Fit Recruit

In direct sales, one of the key components to increasing your bonus compensation is to grow your sales organization. Last week, we talked about questions you can ask yourself to find your perfect-fit recruit. By now, you should be well on your way to generating a concise of must-have qualities and personality traits that you feel would make a good fit for the way you do business.

The big question now is “What do I do with this list?” or more specifically, “How do I find a person like this?”

This is where the fun starts. Do what I call “scouting”.

As you look at the list of qualities you’ve used to develop your Perfect Fit Recruit Profile (PFRP), start thinking about what kinds of professions, careers or jobs would be full of folks that match that description. For example, if your PFRP includes “well dressed, annual income of $100k+”, you might consider lawyers, doctors, or professional models.  Be sure to incorporate as many of the personality traits as possible. “Pleasant disposition” or “lots of free time” might rule out one of those professions on your list. The idea is to be as comprehensive as possible.

Once you’ve figured out the kind of person you’re looking to target, do an online search of forums, communities, and organizations that serve those groups. Look for local chapters in your area that you could visit to learn more. Most offline organizations offer the option to attend a local meeting as a guest. This is a great opportunity to spend time in a room full of your target market, to see if it really is a fit for your business.

This is just one way to find people that are suited to the way you do business. When armed with a complete PFRP, you have multiple ways of reaching out to grow your direct sales team.

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