Set New Recruits Up for Success

As a direct sales leader, it is important to help new recruits get off to a fast, successful start. Statistics show that new consultants are more likely to quit within the first 90 days of signing up – if they don’t have a solid book of business to keep them going.

At the same time, it can be challenging to make sure that every consultant is getting the help they need while maintaining your own book of business. Here are a few tips to help streamline the training process and set your team up for success while keeping your calendar open to run your own personal business more effectively.

Start training before they sign up. Invite a potential recruit to observe a show or host their own so that they can see what it takes to run a direct sales business. Give them a glimpse of the effort that’s involved before they sign up – let them hit the ground running before they submit the application.

Give them a “mini kit” to start booking shows before their kit arrives. From the minute they’ve submitted the application, there should be nothing that prevents them from getting sales and bookings. Give them a pack of catalogs, a few product samples and anything else you think would be important to have to start running their business the minute they walk away from the interview. I call it a “mini-kit” or a “show on the go”. Having that set of tools right off the bat means they’ll be taking advantage of the time between signing up and when the kit arrives – instead of “cooling off” in the interim.

Create a training auto responder email series. There are several training items that need to be communicated to every new recruit. Like creating an FAQ, there’s a series of training details that need to be communicated across the organization.  Set up an automated email series that sends out reminders, training and links to important documents or areas of the company website. These emails are scheduled to go out every day or so ensuring that the recruit doesn’t get overwhelmed with too much information too soon. It also provides a touch point between you and your new recruit so that they know you’re still around after the application is submitted.

These are just a few ways to set your new recruits up for success from day one. By streamlining your business to automate the recurring information, you’ll still be able to reach each new consultant, and maximize your time to handle the uncommon issues that crop up from time to time in your direct sales business. It also means more time to focus on growing your own book of business.

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