34 Ways to Rock Your Direct Sales Business

Many of you know how much I adore Twitter. Aside from the wonderful conversations and neat-o people I’ve met, it’s also been a lucrative source of revenue and powerful connections for my business.

One of those connections is this guy, Brett Duncan. He’s funny, smart and knows a thing or two about the direct sales industry.

Oh, and he had a brilliant idea that he was gracious enough to let me in on. He invited 32 folks that he calls “super-smart marketers that qualify for whatever ninja/guru/maverick moniker you wanna throw on them. We’re talking true marketing studs. And from all kinds of industries.”

While it’s kind of cool to think of myself as some kind of ninja, the other authors in this series will rock your world, too.

So in lieu of an article this week, I’m giving you the opportunity to read 33 amazing ways to rock your business. It’s free, you don’t have to opt-in to anything, and you WILL get great ideas from this book.

Get this free book here.

Read it. Think about how you can benefit your business with this (really good) information. Don’t let it sit on a virtual shelf collecting virtual dust. Take action. Even if it’s a small step, every step forward counts.


  1. Brett Duncan

    Lisa – and I, too, am grateful for making the connection that we have via Twitter. Can’t wait to do even more.

    So, this eBook turned out so much better than I ever planned. And it’s a true group effort, so I know your readers are gonna get something really special out of it. However, since your readers are direct sellers, they’re gonna dig it even more. Off the top of my head, I think there are at least 6 contributors who make their living in the direct sales industry.

    Thanks again, Lisa.


  2. Dawn-Michele Okamoto

    I am having the same problem as Valerie, you click on the link and nothing happens, it just comes back to this page

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