Follow-Up Success: Slow and Steady Wins The Race

[Editor’s note: I am thrilled to bring the customer service know-how of Jen Fitzgerald to Direct Sales Classroom. Jen is the owner of The Client Angel and will be writing a regular “column” on customer service and follow-up in your direct sales business.]


Whenever you do a home show or meet a potential client for the first time, you need to record their important information (such as e-mail and phone numbers). Once you have that information, then the balancing act begins. There’s a delicate balance you must maintain between consistent follow-up and “pushy-ness”.

On one hand, you want to keep them informed, sending them e-mails about your sales, your products, hostess benefits and your company. The problem is you don’t want to feel like you are bombarding them with e-mails that are pushy or full of sales all the time.

Stop Being Pushy and Follow-up Successfully

Having a consistent set of e-mails to send to new customers is a great way to stay in touch over time. Make a point of contacting them every couple of months (at least) to stay “in front” of them. This is called “top of mind awareness”. The idea is that you’ll always be the first name that comes to mind when a potential client thinks about your product, service, or company.

However, what you send them depends on how they react to you.

Think about this…what do you think about the other Direct Sales reps that only send you something when they have a sale or a new product line?

You need to be sure to occasionally send clients and leads something that is completely unrelated to your business. It could be a short note to wish them a good time on their vacation, to ask about their family, or talk about the hobbies you know they love. Become their friend and demonstrate that you care about them. Then when they get used to hearing from you as a friend, they won’t be as likely to delete your correspondence about your business.

They do expect you to talk about your business. That is how they met you, after all. Just don’t do it all the time.

Set up reminders and make “non-business” contact with them (about their lives) every 2-3 months and you will be right on target!

Jennifer Fitzgerald==========

About The Author

Jen Fitzgerald is the owner of The Client Angel, the proven tool for the Direct Selling community.

The Client Angel is an online customer relationship management tool designed to work with your company’s website to catapult your business to greater heights. Give yourself the organization you deserve. Stop worrying, and start succeeding with the “gentle reminders” you need to effectively follow-up and build relationships with your customers – for a lifetime. Visit Jen’s website for a free demo of The Client Angel today.

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