Eight Easy Ways To Build Your Direct Sales Team

[Editor’s note: this week’s post was submitted by Deb McDevitt, a Team Leader with Lindt R.S.V.P. If you have ideas, tips or suggestions you’d like to share, contact us for more information.]

  1. LOVE YOUR PRODUCT AND BE EXCITED:  If you really love the line you represent and are passionate about it, then recruiting is easier. People create excitement when they really love their product.  It will show in the way you speak of your line and demonstrate your products.
  2. TALK TO EVERYONE ABOUT IT:   It is not your job to decide if it is a right fit for them, only to give them the option to decide for themselves.   If you never talk about your opportunity, they will never have a chance to decide.
  3. ALWAYS OFFER ADDITIONAL INFO.  Offer them a chance to listen in on a team call and discover how enthusiastic everyone is.  Offer to take them to a party so they can see how easy it is to be a consultant. Be sure to check with your hostess first!
  4. GIVE THEM RECRUITING INFO:  Always have a “portable office” in your car containing hostess and recruiting info.   ALWAYS have your business cards or contact information handy. It’s a missed opportunity if someone wanted info and you didn’t have it!
  5. LISTEN CAREFULLY:  During normal conversation listen for cues to where and how your opportunity can help them.   If they are mentioning the high cost of dance classes for their children, show them how they can earn the extra money for those classes – and then some!
  6. LISTEN TO EVERY OBJECTION EVEN MORE CAREFULLY:  Don’t try to change their mind. It seems desperate. No one wants to sign with a company were the consultants are begging for recruits!  Instead, simply show them how you can assist them in overcoming that objection.  If their objection  is not enough time, break down the real time needed to do the job. Then break down the amount of income per hour that can be made.  Usually, when people see the dollar amounts in black and white (and that it really isn’t a lot of time committment), they are more receptive.   If the objection is about money, simply show them how they can earn back the cost of the kit after just a party or 2.
  7. OFFER ONGOING SUPPORT:  I have signed up for direct sales companies and NEVER heard from my upline. I did everything on my own. Luckily I had experience and knew what to do to get things off the ground. But many people are new and need support and guidance – be there for your recruits.
  8. ALWAYS FOLLOW UP:  If someone really seemed interested but you never heard from them, don’t think they are not interested, life probably just got in the way.  Make it easy for them – pick up the phone!

If you sign a recruit you are responsible for helping them succeed!   If your recruits succeed then you succeed as well. Remember:   leaders don’t create followers… they create more leaders.


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  2. Lisa Robbin Young

    Because I wrote the title before we edited the article. That’s totally my goof up. Deb wrote ten tips, but I combined them and then forgot to edit the title of the article. See? Even I get it wrong sometimes. Sorry!

  3. Lindtlady

    Thanks Lisa, sorry, didnt even notice that. Thanks again for all that you do to help us all succeed and grow our businesses.

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