Delegating 101 with The Golden Rule VA: HOW?

Guest post by Melissa Dery

Delegate:  To entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person

If you’ve ever wondered, “What, to whom, how or when do I delegate?” or “How do I know what to “entrust” someone else to do?” you’re in the right place.  Delegation does not need to be a complicated or overwhelming process, but in order to grow and succeed in your business it does need to happen. 

Each month I will share with you another step in the process of getting comfortable with delegation.  You will find simple yet powerful ways to gain more control of your time in the day-to-day operation of your business.  So let’s get started!

How to delegate?

Whenever I tell someone I’m a Virtual Assistant they generally want to know these three things:

  • Ÿ  How does it work?
  • Ÿ  How do you get the work?
  • Ÿ  How do we work together….virtually??

Technology has made it easier than ever to provide this type of service.  Here are my top picks for HOW to delegate virtually:

  1. Email – Nothing too high tech about email, it’s a fast, easy, uncomplicated way to communicate.  I tell my clients “email is always open” and my policy  is to respond to your  email within 24 hours.  You can email a task whenever you need to, even if it’s the middle of the night, knowing it won’t be an intrusion and, more important, won’t be forgotten.
  2. Dropbox – This online tool is fast becoming one of my favorites!  Dropbox allows clients to share documents without having to email them, which is especially helpful when dealing with large files.  Once installed on your computer you save files to it as you would any other folder on your computer, and like “magic” they appear in the matching folder on my computer as well.  This allows for much easier editing and sharing of information.
  3. LogMeIn – Sometimes there are programs that exist only on your computer, but the fact that some of the work is not online does not have to stop you from delegating.  LogMeIn allows me to remotely access your computer (with your permission) and work on your computer as if I was there in person.
  4. Mail – Traditional USPS mail.  Yes, with flat rate envelopes you can affordably send your hardcopy documents to me to work on for you, and have mailed back to you when completed.
  5. Scanner/FAX – If you prefer to hold on to your original documents, you always scan and put them in an email attachment, into Dropbox or fax them to me.

There are many, many other tools available to work virtually, these are just a few favorites.  As you can see, delegating to a Virtual Assistant can be either high-tech, low-tech or somewhere in between.    Where there’s a will there’s a way, and a VA has many tools available to help make the process as smooth as possible.  Don’t let the “virtual” part scare or intimidate you.

Put all the pieces together, WHAT, WHO and HOW and you have the first steps of plan to stop the overwhelming feeling  you get when  your tasks get away from you.  Get back to what you do best and delegate the rest!


 Melissa DeryAbout the author

Melissa H. Dery is The Golden Rule Virtual Assistant (VA) providing Virtual Business Management to Direct Sales leaders.  A former direct sales consultant, Melissa also grew up in a direct selling family.  She knows firsthand about the “behind the scenes” work required to help your business grow and prosper.

When Melissa combined more than 20 years of experience as an administrative professional with her desire support those in direct sales and The Golden Rule VA was born.  Her mission and her “rule” are the same: to treat your business as if it were her very own, with respect, creativity and professionalism.

Melissa is married to her best friend and lives in New Hampshire with her two boys.  She has a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and a “Ducktoratte” Degree from Disney University.  She loves coffee, running and, most of all, camping with her family.

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