Reconfiguring Life

Today, I’m making a BIG shift in my life.

My baby starts kindergarten.

When I started this business, he wasn’t even a year old, and my Mom had just died. I decided I wanted to build something that could really serve the world, and give me the ability to be home, love on my kids, and be a better person.

And it’s the same concept I teach to all of you. In direct sales, your business is an extension of who you are, and it’s hard to separate you from your business.

That’s as it should be.

But I’ve been harboring a secret for over a year, that’s finally ready to break through the surface and into the light of day.

I’ve been longing to do more travel, see more people, and help more people. Now that my “baby” is in school, it’s time for me to make some shifts in how I work, who I serve, and what I’m doing in the world.

I’ve been able to build a pretty remarkable life for myself. I’m not a bajilionaire, but we do okay. And one of the things I’ve seen lately is more and more people joining my list because they need help, but can’t afford to hire a coach.

So I’m going to remove some barriers for you.

I haven’t gotten it all figured out yet, but the first thing I need to do is restructure my business to reflect what I really want to be doing in the world. So my coaching program is going away. Something else will take it’s place, but I haven’t completed envisioning it. Something more experiential, for sure. Something where I spend more face time with you to feed my penchant for traveling. Something adventurous, for action takers.

I’m still working out the details on that.

It also means the books are going away. At least from the direct sales arena. My plan is still to complete the entire Direct Sales Classroom curriculum, but I need to restructure the way it’s delivered, and make it even more affordable for you to get the training you need. And I can’t continue to support Home Party Solution in the way I feel it deserves, so it’s not going to be available for sale after the end of September.

That said, I still need to generate revenue so that I can pay the bills around here, so here’s what I’m up to:

Between now and the end of September, you can pick up a copy of the Home Party Solution e-book for $30 – and after September 30 it will not be available for sale ever again. I’m serious. This isn’t some fake scarcity thing. I’ll be launching a new book at the end of September, over at BusinessActionHero, and I won’t have time to support the direct sales book anymore. Plus, I’ll be tearing it apart and using it for parts for other projects in the future, with less of a direct sales focus.

So if you want the ebook that took me from direct sales zero to a leader in my company in 90 days, this is the last chance to get it. It goes away September 30, and will not be available for sale again at ANY price. Period.

Direct Sales 102 starts September 19, and there are still a few seats left. If you register for Direct Sales 102, you’ll get the Home Party Solution e-book for free, so no need to buy it twice.

I’m making some big shifts in my business, and this is just the beginning. I hope you understand, and can appreciate that I’m only practicing what I preach: to create a life and a business built around who you are and the way you do business.

I can’t wait to help you make even more progress in your business when the new programs (and better pricing) are available later this year!


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  2. Carla K.

    HI Lisa, Your little one is adorable… I can remember when and I know the joy and the trepidation you are feeling.
    As far as your business changing… I think there are times when we outgrow something and it’s the wise person who realizes it before it’s too late. Looking forward to DS102 and your bigger and better!
    Is there going to be a way to get the Home Party Solutions Challenge Recordings? You had offered them as a bonus to DS101 and I was able to download 5 before my computer started acting a little wonky… Thanks.

  3. Lisa Robbin Young

    Yes – on all counts. The Be Your Own Guru Series is as much for me as it was for all my readers. 🙂 In regards to the challenge recordings they will be available after September ends. 🙂

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