Direct Sales Success: Existing Customers Are Your “Low Hanging Fruit”

Guest Post by Jen Fitzgerald

I see it all the time. Direct Sellers are always trying to find ways to generate new business and meet new customers. What about the customers that have already bought from you? I used to think like this myself until I had a huge breakthrough…

Here’s my three month experiment: I started paying attention only to my current customers and I didn’t try and go out and get any new ones. I learned about their lives, their families, their hobbies, etc. I became friends with my current customer base and an AMAZING thing happened. I got more business and my sales increased!

I started contacting them when I knew they were going to on vacation to tell them to have a good time or sent them a birthday/anniversary card just because. After a few months of this, I was friends with almost all of my several hundred customers and knew them like my closest friends.

At the end of month two, I sent out an e-mail or letter in the mail and asked them for referrals and any ideas for fundraisers I could do, etc. My following month was the biggest I had EVER had. I had tons of new customers from referrals and I didn’t have to go out and find them anywhere…they came to me!

I know this may sound simple but try it for a month or two. I am not saying you have to stop generating any new business but try to focus your time on becoming friends with your current customer base. Build a relationship with them and then ask them for a referral. Wouldn’t you be more than willing to help a friend out versus someone you just bought a few products from? Trust me when I say you will be more fulfilled in your heart and soul as well from this experiment.

Your assignment: Contact your customers by phone, e-mail or regular mail and get to know them. Truly get to know them. Then when you feel comfortable, ask them for a referral or thoughts on where you might be able to do a fundraiser or set up a booth. I promise your results will be amazing!

Jen Fitzgerald is the owner of The Client Angel, the premier tool for helping Direct Sellers build lasting relationships with their customers. Providing better follow-up causes your businesses to soar! See a demo at: