Love Yourself

This is 2-minute reminder to look after and love yourself this holiday season. I am grateful for you. Please love yourself, too!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here in the States. And may the rest of you enjoy the week ahead!


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  2. Holly

    Lisa, we get so wrapped up with the craziness of the holidays and with pleasing everybody else, WE always neglect yourselves.   Sometimes the reminders from others really makes us think about what really is important – YOU!  Thank you so much for sharing this video with us.  Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving…….remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E

  3. Heatheramyprice

    curiosity killed the cat— but…….  tell us what’s written on the wall behind you??  I know I’m not the only one wondering!  Thanks for reminding me to breathe— I NEEDED that!

  4. Lisa Robbin Young

    Hey Heather!

    It’s the calendar for my 90 day launch project. I actually shot a video that walks through the entire calendar. You can find it at 

    And YOU of all people need to make sure to practice some self care. You’ve always got a lot on your plate, you work very hard, and deserve to take some time for yourself.

    Good to see you on the blog!

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