Are You Struggling With Getting Bookings?

Guest Post by:  Jen Fitzgerald

If you are not getting bookings at parties, making cold calls can be very hard! Here is how I am guessing it goes in your mind…

” I need to make booking calls. I should do that today when I have an hour of time. It is only an hour…how hard can that be? But I need to do laundry and go to the grocery store. I will do that first and then do the calls. That way, I have nothing hanging over my head and I can just focus on the calls.”

Then something else comes up in your head and you don’t ever make the calls, right?. It can be pretty intimidating!

However…what if you said you needed to call a girlfriend about how her interview went?

Could you make that call without getting stressed out?

I am betting you could. So why not gather all that personal information about your customers and hostesses when you’re at a home show and use that as a reason to call them. This way, it is just like calling a friend!

When someone at a home show tells you she has a class coming up for her job soon that she has to attend, use that as a reason to send her an email or call her when she gets back from the training class. Ask her how it went, etc. Become her friend. I know I say this over and over…but it is so true. Then after you have established a relationship, ask her about doing a home show or tell her about a sale.

You don’t mind calling your friends if you have something to talk to them about, do you?

Why not think of your customers as your friends?

You will be surprised how much easier making those contacts will be and how much less stress you will feel while doing it!

Jen Fitzgerald is the owner of The Client Angel, the proven tool for the Direct Selling community. It is the premier tool for Direct Sellers helping them to build relationships with their customers by providing better follow-up causing their businesses to soar! See a demo at:


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