Put the Labels DOWN!

Guest Post:  Melissa Dery

Be honest.

Are YOU still placing your labels on your catalogs and inventory?

While it’s a fantastic way to ensure your customers know how to get in touch with you and makes it easy for them to reorder their favorite products, you’re wasting your time. Yes,  you do need your label on your products and catalogs to remind your clients, but are YOU personally placing labels?  Why?  Stop it!

Do you have children at home?  Do you have friends or family members who are looking for some way to help you but just don’t know how or what to do?  Well then it’s time to put the labels down and let them help!

I have very fond memories of stamping my Mom’s catalogs (she didn’t have pre-printed labels then) with her name and number and laying them out carefully so the ink wouldn’t smudge.  I took great pride in being able to help her, and it made me feel really special that I got to take a part in her business.

Placing labels can be a time consuming process, and while your helpers may not get them on as perfectly straight as YOU would, so what!  Let them help, stop getting stuck in the small details and get to work on what you do best!

Melissa H. Dery is The Golden Rule Virtual Assistant (VA) providing Virtual Business Management to Direct Sales leaders. A former direct sales consultant, Melissa also grew up in a direct selling family. She knows firsthand about the “behind the scenes” work required to help your business grow and prosper.

When Melissa combined more than 20 years of experience as an administrative professional with her desire support those in direct sales and The Golden Rule VA was born. Her mission and her “rule” are the same: to treat your business as if it were her very own, with respect, creativity and professionalism.


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  1. Ctaylorsmith

    Great idea! Mine is getting out catalogs to my neighbours. I havent even let them know im in business with my company! Gotta fix that.

  2. Terri Rincon

    Great idea! My hubby and daughter already help label, but I struggle with picking up the 500 pound phone.

  3. Lisa Robbin Young


    This is a GREAT problem to have, because it means you actually have people you could be calling. 🙂

    At the same time, you probably struggle because you don’t feel like you have a valid reason for calling. Do you have problems picking up the phone to call family and friends? If so, it could be a phobia. If not, chances are good it’s a self-worth issue.

    When I work with clients, I talk about “reasons for contact” and “just checking in” doesn’t cut it. Sometimes it means doing your homework before a call. Did they just remodel or take a vacation? You can call to ask how things are going with their projects. Then, as part of the conversation, you get to bring them up to speed on YOUR business and life. 

    That’s just one way to handle it. But once you feel like your reason is “good enough” the phone doesn’t feel so heavy anymore. 🙂

  4. Cindy

    I am easily distracted by emails and facebook status updates. I use social media daily to get the word out about my business and I do it in what I think are very creative ways but, I don’t have a set time and place to do this yet. I do it all the time and it is very distracting to accomplishing other things on my to do list.

  5. Lisa Robbin Young

    Oh Cindy! I know your pain! Email, social media, etc. makes it VERY easy for us to get distracted. I had to set boundaries on Facebook, and I’m only there when I’m actually replying to stuff, otherwise I get sucked in and I’m there for days. I use a timer, to keep myself on task. It’s not sexy, but it works. 🙂

  6. Susan Ellsworth

    I have grandchildren would love to help me do this!  A long time ago I learn that the job may not be done the way I would do but it is getting done and not by me!!

  7. Pat

    I have asked my 12 year old son if he thought he could help me by placing labels on my catalogs (at least semi-straight) and his answer was..”No. I can’t do that.”  We will have to let go of perfectionism and revisit that answer!  Other than that, my biggest issue right now is keeping my to do list organized!  I seem to have dozens of notes everywhere!  I am trying to get them all into one place and in a format where I can get everything checked off as I accomplish it, without overlooking anything….hmm, one notebook should do it! I’ll work on that today.

  8. Lisa Robbin Young

    Susan, awesome attitude! And yes, there’s a learning curve for the work we do, so it’s helpful to not expect perfection – even in labels. 🙂 Thank you SO much for sharing how you handle delegation of this important job.

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