3 Tips To Prime The Pump For Summer Sales & Bookings

Every year, I think it’s safe to say that millions of direct sellers across give up on their business because it’s Summertime.

Really. Here in the U.S., kids get an extended vacation from school, and many families take at least a portion of that time away from their work to travel, visit with family, or engage in any number of activities that would take them away from home for at least a few days.

At first blush, it can feel like “nobody’s home” all Summer long, making it difficult to book and hold one-on-one meetings or home parties, but that’s simply not true. With more people across the globe staying close to home (they even “staycation” in Scotland), it’s not hard to have a full Summer calendar – if you get started now. Here are three ideas to help prime the pump for a sensational Summer book of direct sales business:

1. Create a campaign for your A-List clients

One of the strategies I teach is about sorting your clients in to three lists and marketing to them according to which list they’re on. Today, just look at your A list clients. Don’t have an A-list yet? Create one today. Your “A-List” represents the cream of the crop, the top 20% of your clientele. These are the folks you most enjoy working with – and wish you could clone.  Then, create a special offer for each of them. If you’ve worked with them recently, reach out and ask for a referral to someone else as awesome as they are. If it’s been a while, invite her to host a show or place an order as a Summer treat for herself (or her friends) using a special offer that’s only available for one week. Begin your conversations by thanking them for being one of your very best clients. Remember, sincere flattery will get you everywhere.

2. Offer a Summer incentive booking bonus

Put together a basket of special items – they could be discontinued or clearance merchandise, overstocks from product you have on hand – or they could be totally unrelated to your company product line. When you invite people to book a show, let them know that every Summer host will go into a drawing for the gift basket and only hosts are eligible to win. Hosts that have a $1000+ show get an extra ticket for the drawing. One client of mine is offering up a Kindle fire for every six hosts that book and hold a party for her this Summer. Remember to do what is financially feasible for your business. Don’t go broke giving away prizes.

3. Summer Camp Fundraisers

Got kids going off to summer sports or arts camps? Most non-profit organizations are glad to benefit from your fundraisers. Why not invite the parents to party with you and donate a portion of the proceeds to the camp program? You could also offer up a portion of sales from any bookings you get from the parents. Sports teams are always in need of equipment or uniforms. Why reserve your fundraising for schools? These kinds of activities usually start registering now, so it’s a great time to approach the sponsoring committees to discuss fundraising options.

These are just three ways to get outside the “nobody’s home” box this Summer. What ideas are you thinking about? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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  1. Kellsatx

    Thank you so much for sending this. This is truly a help to me as I am coming off of a “break” from my business. I am looking forward to implementing these TODAY! So excited to see my garden grow.

  2. WhatsWithDiane

    Thanks for the article! It’s easy to get discouraged in July and this can be the best time to prepare your direct sales foundation for fall. Keep going!

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