WOWing Your Customers and Team

Guest Post:  Jennifer Fitzgerald

It is hard to find a representative that does great hostess coaching and – most of all – great follow-up.  With that being said, you want to stand out and be that person!
Having that WOW factor can be simple and still encompass a lot of things.  Learning about your customers and team will allow you to do those unconventional and innovative things for them.  Creating that emotional impact on a person is what it is all about.

Let me give you some examples:

This one I got from a friend of mine, Dana Wilde.  I just loved it and wanted to share.  When someone on your team hits a goal, or a customer achieves something they have been struggling with, send them the Staples “Easy” button.  Put a note in the package congratulating them on their accomplishment and tell them to hit the button that then says “That was easy”.  It will make them laugh and more importantly they will remember that gift and tell others about it because it is unique.  You want them to be proud of their accomplishment and to know you are too, which hits the emotional connection and also know they can achieve anything they set their mind to!!


If you have someone that has a favorite saying or mantra they love, have it put onto a necklace or bracelet.  I had my logo put on a necklace by this lady. She is AWESOME, the necklaces are inexpensive and make a huge impact with your clients!  Your customers and team members will be excited about the gift and appreciate the gesture.  You could even give these gifts for different levels they achieve. Make a contest out of it!

See how having that WOW factor really sets you apart?

Every time they see that Staples button or wear that necklace, they will think of you!  That is what you want for you business because referrals come out of them talking about how great you are!


Jen Fitzgerald is the owner of The Client Angel, the proven tool for the Direct Selling community. It is the premier tool for Direct Sellers helping them to build relationships with their customers by providing better follow-up causing their businesses to soar! See a demo at:


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