Dealing With Your Inner Critic

So often, we find ourselves in a place where we want to eradicate our inner critic. A friend and client of mine, Andrea Patten, sat down with me a couple of weeks ago and we talked about her approach to helping people turn their inner critic into an ally. When our inner critic is seen as our champion, we are able to see the real benefits of having that voice in our head.

I can’t say enough good things about what Andrea’s Inner Critic to Inner Ally program has done for me.  Not only that, when we shared this program earlier this year,  Andrea donated half the proceeds from the sale of her program to the Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp (the camp from which my son graduated from earlier this year). It’s such a win-win, that I wanted to do it again, but I really wanted to give you a deeper experience of how the Inner Critic to Inner Ally program can help you. So we did this interview.

In it, you’ll hear some of my own journey with my Inner Critic, as well as a couple of tools you can use right now to connect with and tame your own inner critic. Listen to Andrea’s interview here (opens in a new window). The recording will be available for a limited time, so listen/download it today.

If you’d like to learn more about Andrea’s approach, you can check it out through this link. Plus, you’re also supporting my son’s wilderness camp.

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