Question of the Week

This week’s question is all about overcoming the fear of picking up the phone to talk to your clients and hosts.
You’ll also learn about my own fear of picking up the phone, and how I managed to overcome it.

What do you do when it comes to picking up the phone?

What are your best tips to over come phone phobia? Share your ideas in the comments below. Help your fellow direct sales consultants build their confidence AND a profitable business.

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  1. Donna

    Great information! Whenever I think about a customer or someone I want to share my business with…I immediately make the call (or I’ll chicken out…lol). I also set aside time on my calendar every day to make calls (a few minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening). I file my current and potential customer information into a dated tickler file and each day pull the date related file out when it’s time to make calls. I found that if I write down individual names on my To Do List or peak ahead at the names, I start over thinking everything (will they answer or screen the call, what will they say, they are probably busy, etc.). Dread and doubt kicks in zapping my energy until it’s time to call and then I find I do everything else but call. Before I open the file, I stop and clear my mind of other thoughts and focus on the fact that I have something of value to offer and for the next few minutes I am caring and sharing while letting go of the outcome. Besides, you never know who needs to hear a friendly voice from someone who cares!

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