Wait, don’t even tell me you don’t HAVE an about page!

Guest Post:  Kelly Paull

You do.  If you have a corporate cookie cutter website, there is most likely a place to put some details about who you are.

All Facebook Fan pages have an About page.



















Even Twitter and Pinterest have this section, you may just not be using it right.











Most people fall at one end of the spectrum or the other where this page is concerned.

We have the “I’d rather poke out my eye with a fork” folks who HATE the thought of talking about themselves on one end and the “pull up a chair, grab a drink and let me tell you ALLLLLL about me” people on the other end.

Let me let you in on a little important fact…the About link on websites and even on your Facebook Fan page are one of the MOST clicked links!  So, it’s getting lots of attention, now let me help you make it work FOR you!

5 things to keep in mind for your About pages:

1. Make sure your about section has your NAME listed there somewhere.

Your business may not include your name. Letting people in on your name makes them feel like they KNOW you that much better. I see this mistake all the time when I want to ask a question, leave a comment, or just begin to form a relationship with someone who has a really cool blog or fan page. Hello?  WHAT is your name?

2. Jazz it up.

Your about page is, boring, stale, a snooze fest.

Is it about as fun as reading an instruction manual?

Pull out some pizzaz, drop the mumbo jumbo corporate lingo and just be yourself.

If you are goofy, let it all out.  It’s ok to be funny, if you are naturally a funny person.

3. Say Cheese.

Put a picture of YOU in there. People are deciding if they like you when they are reading your about section. Pictures and names help to move from being a stranger to being a friend.  Remember, people do business with those they know, like and trust.  Why, hello there new FRIEND!

On your Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages I suggest a picture of you (not your dog, baby or logo) as your profile picture.  A blog will allow you to insert an image of your smiling mug and you are one step closer to making a new friend and possible business connection.

4. It’s not an autobiography.

This means even though it is an “about” page it is really about how you can best help the person who is reading it.

This is not a place to go on and on about your achievements.  Only your mother and grandmother are interested in that.

It IS a place to answer the common questions that someone seeking out your product or service might ask.

Tell them how you will solve their problems, make their life simpler, etc. Show that you know what you are talking about by showing them you know what they are interested in.

5. Show them where else to find you.

This is a fantastical place to put links to all the other amazing places you spread your awesome sauce.

Make sure you use the whole url so that it is an easy click to connect with you elsewhere.  That means typing in the whole thing, like this:  or this or even this


Show us that you know how to leave a link by posting a link to YOUR about page, fan page or twitter handle in the comments below!


Kelly Paull is the Honey Badger of Niche Marketing at  She’s a techie geek with 8 years of direct sales experience and a passion for helping women navigate the technology necessary to run a smooth operation.


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    You are ROCKIN’ my business with the knowledge you’re sharing!!!! I’m loving the new and exciting “little” things you’re telling us about. I see so much ahead for me and my business! THANK YOU!!!

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