Have you ever wondered how happy you are with your career?

Guest Post:  Jen Fitzgerald

You probably work in direct sales and hopefully for yourself as your full-time income (for part time hours, of course).  However, some of you out there are working a full-time job while trying to get your direct sales business off the ground.

There is a new research tool to help you assess your satisfaction in your job – whether working for yourself or for someone else.

I took this and it really opened my eyes as to how much I want to convert over to working for myself full time.  I work a full time job while trying to get my home business to the point that it can stand alone.
It was interesting for me to see how much more happy I am with myself and at home than at work.  Although I work with some AMAZING ladies, there is a lot to be desired in my full time job.

Take this survey – either as you are working in your full time job or in your home business, or both.  Compare the results.  It may surprise you and may really give you the jump start you need to work that home business like a real business because you find that you are so much happier working for yourself!

After you finish the survey, take a look at the next steps to will find an action plan on how to get where you want to be. Share your results in the comments below, along with your biggest tips for finding joy in your work.

Jen Fitzgerald is a working mom and entrepreneur. She has been in the corporate world for 12 years and is also a small business owner.

She has figured out the key to keeping those clients she worked so hard to attain coming back for more and she wants to help you achieve those same results.

Being a busy working mom and entrepreneur, she had to carve out time for her business and not having systems in place was becoming overwhelming. When she first created it was mainly for her own organization and a way to keep up with her clients. She needed a way to keep track of all their lives that was less cluttered than the paper system she was using. It created a more personal approach in her business and her customers loved her for it.

When her friends saw this system, they had to have access to it to and so The Client Angel was born!!

Jen is passionate about helping other women and small business owners achieve the client satisfaction she has with a personal touch.


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