Recognize Your Hero Potential

[Editor’s note: this article originally appeared in the e-book “Rock Your Business: 33 Mind-Blowing Ideas From Today’s Top Marketers” by Brett Duncan.]

Originally, the title of this post was “Value Yourself” because there seems to be a preponderance of people in direct sales that suffer from horribly low self-esteem. But I didn’t want people to get caught up in their own self-worth, when the fact of the matter is, YOU’RE ALREADY AWESOME.

Your customers love your product, your company, and see you as some kind of expert in both. You are their hero.

Think about that for a minute. You are a hero. You take risks, you venture forth, into uncharted waters, not knowing what’s around the next corner. You reap rewards, you help people, you change lives.

You decided to be a hero the minute you became an entrepreneur. But not just any kind of hero.

An ACTION hero.

Think of the greatest action heroes of all time. Like them, you have a little technology on your side, a whole lot of grit and determination… and chances are good you’re going to get banged up a bit on the journey.
Business – especially being an entrepreneur – has ups and downs. We get banged up, beaten up, scratched and dented. Still we rise, learning from our blood, sweat, and tears, how to make our passion a going concern.

Like the action heroes of the big screen, you have a mission, a passion to serve a greater good in the world.

To find your own “holy grail”, leave a legacy, and make the lives of the people you serve that much better.

But the key to being a hero isn’t found in believing in yourself. The key to being a hero lies in taking action. DO something – anything. Do it better, do it differently, do it with class. It’s about action, not perfection.

This is not a license to be sloppy. It’s an invitation to do your best work for the people that see you as their champion. Who wouldn’t want to be a hero in that case?

Stop questioning your abilities. Get over yourself and see how heroic you really are.

Use the tools you have in your marketing bag of tricks to create a marketing plan for the year, build a solid book of business, and propel your organization to the other side of the chasm that stands between you and direct sales success.

What are you waiting for? Be an action hero in your own business, and your value can’t help but be revealed to everyone around you.

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