Got Bookings? Fill your January calendar fast with 6 simple ideas

January is here, and if you’re like the typical direct sales consultant, you are scrambling to fill your January calendar.

While part of me wants to say “Tsk, tsk, tsk!” I know how easy it is to fall into this trap. During my early days as a consultant, I didn’t know how to fill my calendar 90 days out – in fact, no one at that time talked about booking beyond the next 21 days! As a result, I had to learn to take advantage of the season at hand, and get my calendar filled fast.

Assuming you’re in a similar boat, here are six ideas to get shows on your January calendar FAST.

6 Simple Direct Sales Booking Ideas for January

goldcoins1. Launch new consultants. Consider those you know that are facing holiday debt. Invite them to book a starter show and get their new business off the ground with a bang. Recruiting is a lot easier when the after-Christmas bills start arriving. This is the time of year when people resolve to get out of debt. Piggy back on those ideas by offering more starter shows in January.

2. Host your own “get what you really want” show. It’s not uncommon for people to get money for the holidays. If they’re like most of my clients, it’s burning a hole in their pocket. Before they have a chance to spend it on something they saw on an infomercial, help them get what they really want by inviting them to shop the clearances and specials that your company offers each year. One consultant I know does an annual appreciation event where she invites everyone to shop all of her discontinued products, and get a look at the new catalog items up close and personal. She gives away the hostess benefits in a random drawing of all the customers that purchased. The more you purchase, the more chances you have to win. Plus, they’re getting great deals on discontinued merchandise while she’s clearing out her kit!

3. Capitalize on bargain hunters. Most companies offer fantastic clearance and sales incentives for January hosts and guests. If your potential hosts use the “my friends are broke” objection, this is the absolute best time of the year to approach them about booking a show. If they can’t afford to shop now (I’ve seen many clearance items under $10!), then they never will.

A word of caution: don’t lie to your hosts. If you try telling them that the party isn’t about them asking their friends to buy stuff, you’re lying. It IS about shopping, or you’d just leave all the products and catalogs at home.  But it’s not JUST about shopping. It’s ALSO about mixing with their friends and enjoying each other’s company. Telling this seemingly innocent lie is part of why your hosts don’t want to book with you. Stop it. Besides, if they truly believe that their friends have no money, don’t push it. Find new clients. Seriously. I use these bargains and incentives to clear my lists. If a “no money” excuse is preventing a client from booking during the biggest discounts of the year, you need to invest your energies elsewhere.

4. Mom’s Day Out. After a couple weeks of having kids under foot all day every day, most moms are ready to have a day away from the kids. Either book your own party, or offer your child’s school a fundraising opportunity. This is a great tool at any time of the year, but especially during back-to-school times. Moms and dads are ready to unwind and spend a little time without the kids.

5. Valentines Day is a month away! I know it sounds premature, but now is the perfect time to get guys planning ahead. Book a shopping concierge for guys for Valentines gifts, so that they’re not caught off guard come February 14. Bonus: with the January clearances, they’ll get a great deal to boot!

6. Super Bowl widows party. Not every woman I know likes football. For those that don’t plan to watch the big game – or those that are playing host to all the ladies while the guys are in the TV room,  create a “Widows” event! While the guys watch the big game, ladies can shop to their heart’s content.

Fun twist: have your guests pick a team, and the people who pick the winning team get a special discount on their purchases. The higher the score (or point spread) the bigger the discount. This keeps the ladies at least mildly interested in the game, and encourages co-ed participation.

These are six easy ways to get more shows on your January calendar. Can you think of other themes that might entice your hosts to book? Share them in the comments below!


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