Improve Customer Relationships Through E-books

Guest post by Jennifer Fitzgerald

E-book usage is on the rise. They’re an important source for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Along with social media, this is a new twist on traditional brand-building. I recently wrote a free  e-book to help my clients with client follow-up. This is a new and huge step that has helped my business since it launched.

ebookreaderYou don’t have to set a price for an e-book. An e-book is mainly a source for your clients to educate themselves, as well as keeping customers engaged with your brand. Offer the e-book as a free gift if they sign up for your newsletter or buy your product.

A free gift is a huge enticement for simply signing up for a newsletter. Many times the newsletter is the first step in gaining another customer. They sign up for the newsletter (because they receive the free gift), read the e-book, then a week later realize they
need you. E-books relating to your business can and will increase the client’s comfort level and trust in you and your company.

According to, about one-fifth of Americans (21%) read e-books last year, and the number is rising. This is partly due to the purchase explosion of tablets, iPads, and Kindles. Like all of the social media that businesses now use to promote products and their brands, e-books is one more consideration. You also have to remember that many people have some sort of tablet or iPad because it’s easier: for travel, reading multiple books at one time, or even just keeping a library. Keep in mind, we as humans will go to whatever is easiest and most convenient most of the time.

Regardless of whether your e-book is ten pages or 100 pages, an e-book is valuable as a brand-building tool. The valuable information that you have created not only gives you major credibility, but also sets you apart from the others in your industry. Remember, small businesses usually succeed (or fail) according to their ability to stand out.

If you have been thinking about writing an e-book lately (even a short one with thorough instructions or helpful information for a product), and have been putting it off, find the time! It can only help your business and its sales.

You have to take risks and “break the mold” and creating an e-book can do this. You have a chance to produce a message that is all-together effective and exciting and with it, you establish yourself as an unquestionable source of expertise.


Jen Fitzgerald is the creator of The Client Angel – a personalized system for building client relationships. Jen is passionate about helping other women and small business owners achieve the client satisfaction she has with a personal touch. Get your copy of her free e-book at