Success Isn’t About Dreaming Big

You are not successful because you dream big.

Or perhaps, I should say that the size of your dream isn’t what matters. It’s the fact that you have a dream in the first place.

Not everyone has a global-scale dream. Not everyone is happiest at home.
Neither is wrong – unless you’re trying to pretend that someone else’s dream is yours. That’s not healthy even in the slightest.

Dreams are not a one-size-fits-all deal.

I had a consultant on my team who joined because she wanted to earn enough money to buy a fancy riding lawnmower. When she did that, she quit the business. Dream achieved.

I have worked with top-level leaders who doubled their income in a matter of months and started bringing home five-figure monthly bonus checks. Dream achieved.

I’ve worked with best-selling authors to help them add millions of dollars in revenue to their balance sheets. Dream achieved.

Nobody has the right to judge the size of your dreams – but they will anyway.

dreamscaleIt doesn’t matter what scale your dream is on. We need all kinds in this world. We need people who dream about being amazing parents and staying home to raise their wonderful kids. We need people who want to run for public office because they want to make a difference in their community. We need entrepreneurs willing to take a risk to bring electric light to the nation. We need YOU and YOUR dream, whatever scale it’s on.

And while we need all kinds, you may find yourself hanging with a crowd of people that slam you or judge you about the size of your dream. “You’re thinking too small,” they might say. Or “You’ve got to dream bigger than that.” You may hear from those you love.

Or the opposite (which was my own story): “Who do you think you are to be the one that does something that big?” Or my favorite, “Face it, you’re just not cut out for something that big. You don’t have the (money/resources/time/knowledge/etc) to do that.”

Pardon my language, but that’s bullshit.

We don’t live in the society that our parents (or grandparents) grew up in. This isn’t a “35 and out” world anymore. We have many more opportunities – and challenges – that give us the potential to be exactly who we’ve always dreamed of being. The resources exist, you just need to do the work to find them.

Doing the work may be hard.

I’m not going to shine you on and say it’s all butterflies and unicorns. Pursuing your dream will likely be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done.

Do it anyway.

You may face a lot of resistance and feel like quitting (I did for about 15 years!).

Do it anyway.

You may hear people that are close to you calling you names and making your life more difficult in the name of “wanting what’s best for you.”

Do it anyway.

You will never have a better opportunity to live the inspired life you’ve always wanted.

Do it now, while you still can.

The world needs you, your dream, and your delivery of that dream. If you don’t even try, then you’ve not only robbed yourself of the opportunity to live your dream, you’ve robbed US of the opportunity to receive the greatness that lives within you.

Talk about selfish.

What’s your “big” dream?

I hope by now you realize that size is relative. What might feel HUGE to me, may feel easy-peasy to you, and vice versa. Size doesn’t matter, only that you stay true to and honor YOUR dream, your vision, your mission in the world.

That’s what I’m doing with my #300songs project. I’m following the call that’s been in my heart since that day I stepped up on my “stage” to entertain my world.

You can do it too.

What’s your dream? Where do you want to see your life? I don’t know anyone who ever dreamed of being a direct seller when they were a child. Consultants come to direct sales because they want something “more” or something “different” than the regular 9-5 “j.o.b.”

Why are you here? What keeps you doing what you’re doing? What’s your Essential Why?

Share your ideas on the blog. I’d love to hear what you’re doing and support you to bring your dreams into reality!


  1. Bridget Heckman

    Beautiful. Beautiful message. Never, ever give up! Your dreams can begin when you come from a “what can I offer this customer that would help them?” You are being selfish if you don’t offer or follow up, after all, you love your product, don’t you! Share the dream! Best wishes to all my sister direct sellers.

  2. Bridget Heckman

    Oh yeah, did I say I thought it was a youtube video playing while I was typing my last comment; scroll up, and it’s you! Girlfriend, you are incredible and inspiring. Thank you so much.

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