Living Your Dreams

There’s a story about how a woman brought her son to Gandhi hoping that he would tell her son to stop eating sweets. Gandhi sent the woman away and told her to come back in 30 days. When she did, Gandhi took the boy aside and told him to “stop eating sweets”. She looked at the man and asked why they had to wait 30 days for this “inspiring” message. Gandhi told the woman that he couldn’t rightfully ask the boy to do something that he himself had not done, so he used those 30 days to practice not eating sweets himself.

Every morning, I start my day with The PEACE System – a program I created because I needed to align myself and my great work with what God really intended for me. Part of that process is prayer and meditation. Last week, I got clarity on a great way to help even more direct sellers reach their business goals (more on that soon!). This week, I got clarity that in order to do that, I have to close Direct Sales Classroom as you now know it.

Yeah. That kind of stinks on the surface, doesn’t it?

I’ve been a business coach for nearly a decade – and I like to think I’m pretty good at it. I’ve gotten lots of testimonials from clients that tell me I’ve done right by them. But just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be doing it.

Sometimes God has a plan for you that’s bigger than the “easy” thing you’ve been doing – even if you’ve been doing it for years.

That’s where I’m at now. I wouldn’t be living my truth if I told you to do something I didn’t fully embody myself.

Since I was three years old, I’ve known that I was supposed to be reaching millions of people as a performing artist and edu-tainer. My purpose on this planet is to inspire folks to live an inspired life and fully step into their Great Work – the life that God ordained for them.
Like Gandhi, I would be a hypocrite if I told you to build a Noble Empire and live an inspired life, if I didn’t do it, too.

You may know that I’ve been working on recording 300 songs this year. You may know that I wrote a book last fall. All of this is the re-awakening of the Great Work that I KNOW in my bones God called me to do.

And… I want you to have the help you need!

Some people come to Direct Sales Classroom because they want straight talk on direct sales strategies. If that’s why you’re here, we’ll probably part company this month. While I’m sad to see you go, I know there are some great resources to help you (and next week, I’ll be sharing some of those resources with you to get you moving). Going forward, my training will not be specific to direct sellers. It will still be business-oriented, but I’ll be speaking to entrepreneurs who see their business as their great work of art. My training helps these “artists” create more freedom and profitability in their work and their lives.

Some people come here because they want inspiration to move forward with courage and confidence. If that’s YOU, then I have a special gift for you. This month, I’m re-launching my free blog series called “Be Your Own Guru”. It’s everything you’ll need to get a TON of inspiration to help you build a Noble Empire and live an Inspired Life. There’s no cost to register, and it’ll give you an opportunity to see more of the work I’ll be doing as I go forward.

Some people started following this blog and reading my newsletter because they know me, and want to stay up on what I’m doing. If that’s you, then THANK YOU! I’ve been humbled and honored to make a LOT of friends through the Internet, and invite you to keep tabs on my projects at my website, on facebook, or on twitter.

I’ve been honored to work with so many wonderful people over the past 10 years, and now it’s time for me to walk my talk. If I truly believe that God is calling me to something amazing (and I do), it’s up to me to follow that path and take the steps as they appear.

My commitment to you is that I WON’T leave you hanging.

Over the remainder of the month, I’ll be introducing you to my colleagues and other resources that I believe will give you the best possible opportunity for success in your direct sales business. I’ll also be sharing with you the new way you can learn everything I know about success in the direct selling business. It’s a pretty exciting new direction that allows me to give you all the knowledge I have in a way that’s very affordable and powerful at the same time.
Until next week!


  1. Kelly Brian Paull

    I’ll follow you where ever you go, your posts always give me something to think about, you advice. Is always sound, and you are an inspiration! Way to follow your path! Best wishes to you!!

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