7 Bookings In 7 Days

7 Bookings in 7 Days Power Tools Power Training 8 Simple Steps to Power Selling

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Executive Summary Video – Watch This First!

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Here’s the timeline (in a nutshell)

Day 1 – Make your guest list, pick a party date

Day 2 – Set the “Positive Frame” and wait for acknowledgement

Day 3-6 – After you’ve been acknowledged, extend the invitation to PAR-TAY!


Day 8-11 – Follow-up for additional bookings!


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Questions? Watch The Supplemental Training:

Shopping for Party Supplies

Finding Your “A-List” Clients

Setting The Positive Frame

The Party Invitation

“What if I have to leave a message?”

Presenting The Gifts – (Re)starting Your Biz? Acknowledge Everyone

Presenting The Gifts – Seasoned Consultant/Leader? Acknowledge Impact Makers

What Goes On The Thank You Card?

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