More About Direct Sales Classroom

What if there were a direct sales school?

What if there was a training program that taught you, step-by-step, exactly what you needed to be a world-class direct sales professional?

Not just the basics of booking, selling, and sponsoring, but also:

  • how to run a business like a real business
  • how to have a leadership mindset
  • team building tools
  • advanced sales strategies that work
  • how-to’s for financial freedom
  • and more?

What if you could take a test-drive and transform your direct sales business at no cost?

This is our reality. Since 2007, direct sales coach and trainer, Lisa Robbin Young, has helped thousands of  direct sales and home party consultants successfully grow their business using online tools and strategies. Direct Sales Classroom is more than just online strategies. It is a comprehensive direct sales training program for new consultants as well as seasoned leaders looking to streamline and refine their business practices.

Best of all, every course comes with an early graduation bonus and a success guarantee. Who else is offering a guarantee these days?

Sign up now (there’s a box over to the right) and you’ll get details about each course offering as they launch. Plus, you’ll be able to download a free training audio, a copy of chapter one of my book, “Home Party Solution“, along with a few other goodies!

I’ll also include my free weekly e-zine for direct sales professionals, “PartyOn!” You can unsubscribe at any time, and the gifts are yours to keep.

I hope you’ll get a lot out of the free training, and when you’re looking for more in-depth coaching for your direct sales business, consider taking one of our courses here at Direct Sales Classroom.

For more information about Lisa Robbin Young, click here.

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