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Subject: Are you booked solid through February?


Now that November’s over, you’re either counting your blessings or licking your wounds. Is your February as full as you want it to be?

If so, you can probably delete this email. If, on the other hand, you’re not already booked solid into February or March, let me introduce you to Lisa.

Lisa Robbin Young was a direct sales coach an trainer. I say was because this month, Lisa is retiring. Over the years, she’s helped hundreds of direct sellers just like you fill their calendar to capacity 90 days out (or more).

She’s asked me and my colleagues to join her at her Direct Sales 101 Business Breakthrough Virtual Conference. Together, we’re giving our very best tips, strategies and advice on how to make 2014 your best year ever as a direct seller.

I’ll be speaking about (INSERT YOUR TOPIC HERE), and there’s so much more to this event. Take a look at just some of what you’ll learn:

* Finding more of your right customers

* How to book yourself solid 3-6 months out

* How to consistently hold $1000 shows

* How to create an exceptional party experience

* Email marketing that works

*and a WHOLE lot more!

And here’s the best part: to make sure that anyone can attend Lisa’s created a “pay what you can” option, which means you CAN afford to attend this conference!

You can learn more about this event here:


Plus, everyone that registers at any level gets a fully customized 12-month plan for having a business and life you love!

I hope to see you there!


P.S. Space is limited, so register early. Don’t wait, or you’ll miss out!


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She’s retiring & giving up all her secrets:  [affiliates_url] Join me & @directsales101 #dstips

Direct sales pros: Make 2014 your best year ever – [affiliates_url] Join me & @directsales101 for big event. #dstips

Direct sellers: Have more money, meaning and life from your direct sales biz – [affiliates_url] Join me? #dstips

Book yourself solid with @directsales101’s virtual conference: [affiliates_url]  I’m excited to be speaking! #dstips

Excited to be speaking at @directsales101’s virtual event: [affiliates_url] Join me? #dstips

Direct sellers: Do you have a plan for a successful 2014? [affiliates_url]  This could help. #dstips


As the holiday selling season starts winding down for direct sellers, what do you do to keep the momentum going? Join me and Lisa Robbin Young for the Direct Sales 101 Business Breakthrough Virtual Conference. You’ll be blown away by all the helpful tips, ideas, and strategies you can use to make 2014 your best year ever – in life AND business. Check it out: [affiliates_url]

Couldn’t be happier that Lisa Robbin Young invited me to share the “stage” for her virtual event. If you’re a direct sales pro that wants more money, more meaning, and more LIFE out of your direct sales biz, I hope you’ll join us in December: [affiliates_url]

December’s here! What are you doing to make sure 2014 is better than 2013? Lisa Robbin Young has created the biggest online training event for direct sellers ever! If you want more money, more meaning, and more LIFE out of your direct sales biz in 2014, I hope you’ll join us in December: [affiliates_url]

I can’t believe she’s retiring! After nearly 20 years in the direct sales industry as a consultant, leader, coach & trainer, Lisa Robbin Young is going out with a bang – sharing all her best tips and strategies for making 2014 (and beyond) your best year ever. I’m honored to be a speaker at her big year-end conference. Will you join us? [affiliates_url]

Questions? Shoot us an email: info@directsalesclassroom.com or call 810-391-9648. We appreciate your support of our programs and want to make sure you get paid accurately and on-time.

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