Direct Sales 101: Consultant Excellence

Direct Sales Professionals:
Don’t Get Mad at Your Upline –
Take Responsibility For Your Own Success!

Them sounds like fighting words, I know. And I guess, you could say I’m using a little ‘reverse psychology’ on you, but hear me out for a minute. The truth of the matter is that if you’re not successful in your direct sales business, you have no one to blame but youself. Consultant agreements place the responsibility of learning and growing your business squarely on your shoulders. And in this day and age, it can be VERY rough going.

In fact, for some direct sales reps, things have gotten really bad. You’re hearing it all over the place…

Direct Sales Companies are closing, reorganizing, combining and changing at a faster rate than ever before. Some say it’s the economy (but recruiting is up), others say we’ve reached a saturation point where there’s too much competition and no way to compete. The reasons don’t matter. What matters, is that you’re seeing big shifts in your personal direct selling business, too. And it’s not always positive…

…but that’s about to change – for the better.

Hey Lisa,
I think I just met an early graduation requirement… as of a few minutes ago I have 3 new recruit leads, woohoo! I may just meet two of the early graduation requirements.  Thanks so much for offering this training it really has made the light bulb go on 🙂

Dawn Beardsley

Grow a Real Business, Not an Expensive Hobby

As a direct seller, you hear a lot of noise in the marketplace right now. So-called “coaches” and trainers are coming out of the woodwork, touting their status as an expert. You’re confused, maybe even a little bewildered, wondering who you should trust.

After all, money’s tighter, bookings are down, and growing your team isn’t as easy as it once was. That same-ol, same-ol training you’ve been hearing for decades isn’t working for you. Heck, you might even be thinking that there’s something wrong with YOU.

It’s not your fault. I’ve worked with so many clients that have all said the same things. And it’s not your upline leader’s fault either. The fact is, the information you’ve been given DID work at one time (and may still work — for them). It’s just that times have changed…

What worked even 5 years ago isn’t as effective as it used to be. Even social media, the so-called ‘miracle pill’ of direct sales, has not proved effective for thousands of people. In a sea of information overload, it’s no wonder direct sales professionals are having a hard time figuring out what works!

There’s no use crying over “spilled milk” now. There is a better way.

Direct Sales: The NEW Rules

Network Marketing and Direct Sales have a sales and marketing component to them. But you can’t just start “doing sales and marketing” on people. In fact, Dave Lakhani, author of “How to Sell When Nobody’s Buying” says that “sales changed – but nobody told the salespeople.”

Customers, hosts, clients and recruits are still out there looking for you. But they’re not waiting for you to shove a business card in their hand without at least saying hello first. Wait. Scratch that. They want more than just a “hello”. A LOT more…

…They want relationships, to build trust, and to KNOW that you’re not going to “leave them holding the bag” so to speak if your product or service doesn’t measure up to their expectations. They want confidence in your ability to provide a superior product with superior service at a superior price. And that’s just for starters.

But maybe you’re still trying to figure out how to do your presentation without being salesy. You’re worried about having enough people at the show to make it worth the drive. You’re worried about using the internet, figuring out social media, and STILL have time to have a life.

Your clients don’t care. They don’t want excuses. They don’t want your problems. They want your to solve their problems. They want an expert that can take away the guesswork. In short, they want a savior.

Be a Direct Sales Hero

Direct Sales 101 is not a basic overview of Direct Sales. It is a comprehensive guide to the most important aspects of growing a successful Direct Sales business: Bookings, Sales, and Recruits.

Like any “101” type college course, Direct Sales 101 reveals all the key components to establishing, growing and maintaining your direct sales business – in any economy. In short, Direct Sales 101 will show you exactly what you need to do – and how to do it best.

Direct Sales 101: Meet Your Instructor

Lisa Robbin YoungWith nearly 20 years in the Direct Sales industry, as both a consultant and trainer, Lisa Robbin Young continues to revolutionize Direct Sales training. Her book, Home Party Solution, has been read by consultants around the world, and outlines the exact tools and process she’s used to go from “direct sales zero” to “direct sales hero”, achieving leadership in her direct sales company in less than 90 days. Lisa hosted the Small Biz Super Summit, and has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, including several best-selling authors.

Direct Sales 101: Course Content



* Applying Napoleon Hill’s 15 Laws of Success to your Direct Sales business (this course manual is a MUST-read for every business owner)

* The THREE THINGS you need to run a successful direct sales business (without these, you’ll only be spinning your wheels).

* Strategies to Sell More when it seems like nobody is buying.

* 2 secrets that virtually guarantee a $700 – 1,000 party

* How to craft a compelling offer that doesn’t sound the least bit pushy or salesy.

* Where to find customers that are the perfect fit for the way you do business.

* My *super secret* strategy to get higher attendance at every event – and more sales to boot.

* How to build a CUSTOMIZED business plan designed for the way YOU do business.

* Easy to use templates, tools and tips to keep everything organized.
* The difference between pre-qualfying and pre-judging your prospects

* The right questions to ask at a recruiting interview

* and more.

12 lessons @ 60-70 minutes each = over 12 hours of must-know training for building a successful direct sales business!

Like I said, this isn’t an overview or even a remedial course. These are the exact same tools, tips and techniques I’ve been using with my clients for the past two years. That means they work right now. And the good news is that these aren’t “flash in the pan” strategies that are here today, gone tomorrow. When you implement everything I teach in Direct Sales 101, you’ll lay the foundation for a thriving business that will last a lifetime.

I received an email while at Disneyland from one of my past hostesses that is interested in learning more about becoming an advisor so I’m talking with her today. And I just had my highest sales in a party so far.  The party closed at $2,600 in sales!  I have good things happening.

Kara Lewis, Independent Unit Leader, Lia Sophia


Direct Sales 101: Graduation Requirements


Unlike those “bird courses” in college, where you just show up and skate through, Direct Sales 101 has a strict policy – you don’t graduate until you’ve passed the class. That means I’ll work with you in Direct Sales 101 until you’ve met your graduation requirements. Not many coaches or trainers will make that pledge to you. That’s how confident I am that Direct Sales 101 will work. Which one of these graduation requirements would you like to achieve?

  • $5000 (or more) total sales
  • 9 (or more) NEW shows on your calendar
  • 3 (or more) NEW personal recruit leads

These figures are based on having 9 shows that average $550. If you’re not a party plan consultant, I’m going to show you how to sell one to many to make light work of hitting your sales goals. For most of you, that’s enough to bump you into the next level of leadership with your company. About a third of our clients graduate early. Obviously, I’m not going to do the work for you, and your own level of commitment will determine how quickly you graduate. How many other coaches or trainers will guarantee those kinds of results?

And you don’t have to worry about paying outrageous sums of money to participate in this program. You can register for the full course for only $199. CLEARANCE PRICE  – $100

You’ll have an unprecedented advantage in the marketplace. You’ll have a cheerleader in your corner and a marketing coach to help you succeed. You’ll also have email access to your instructor. Plus, you can benefit from other members of the class, too.

PLUS: You’ll get a complimentary lifetime subscription to our exclusive PartyOn! newsletter – this weekly newsletter is for direct sales pros who want to build a REAL business, instead of an expensive hobby. Normally, there’s a $10 registration fee, but that fee is waived for students in Direct Sales 101.

If you don’t think it’s worth the profits from one show to add $5000 in sales, 9 new shows or 3 new recruit leads to your business, I honestly don’t know why you’ve read this far! I’m asking you to invest the profit from just ONE show, to guarantee you have the skills necessary to actually grow a solid, thriving direct sales business for years to come (cheap at twice the price, if you ask me)!

Only serious students of direct sales success need apply.


Direct Sales 101 is no longer available to the public!

To schedule a private training session for your organization, please contact us for details.

If this is for you, I hope you’ll decide to join us. If you have questions, you can email us. If it’s not for you, thanks for taking the time to connect here today. Hopefully we can connect again in the future!

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