Direct Sales 102: Income Producing Activities

Direct Sales Professionals:
It’s Not How Much You Make,
It’s How Much You KEEP That Matters Most!


If you’ve already built a solid foundation in your direct sales business, it’s time to start thinking about building a solid financial foundation for your business AND your life. And in this day and age, it can be VERY rough going.

Debt is an epidemic in our society. Just a few startling statistics:

  • On average, today’s consumer has a total of 13 credit obligations on record at a credit bureau. These include credit cards (such as department store charge cards, gas cards, and bank cards) and installment loans (auto loans, mortgage loans, student loans, etc.). Not included are savings and checking accounts (typically not reported to a credit bureau). Of these 13 credit obligations, nine are likely to be credit cards and four are likely to be installment loans. (Source:
  • Total bankruptcy filings in 2009 reached 1.4 million in 2009, up from 1.09 million in 2008. The vast majority were personal bankruptcies — Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Business bankruptcies made up 6 percent of all filings. (Source: AACER, the American Bankruptcy Institute, January 2010)
  • Credit cards are now the most common source of financing for America’s small-business owners. (Source: National Small Business Association survey, 2008)
  • 44 percent of small-business owners identified credit cards as a source of financing that their company had used in the previous 12 months —- more than any other source of financing, including business earnings. In 1993, only 16 percent of small-businesses owners identified credit cards as a source of funding they had used in the preceding 12 months. (Source: National Small Business Association survey, 2008)

Most Direct Sales Companies ask you to pay for your starter kit with a bank card. Quite often new consultants will use a credit card (not a debit card), meaning they’ve started their business in debt. Maybe you fell prey to the strategy some leaders actually train their teams to use – encouraging new recruits to go into debt and then “show them how to pay off their kit before the credit card payment is due” by booking plenty of shows…

…shows that don’t always hold, may reschedule, and leave you scratching your head wondering how you’re going to pay for it.

Then there’s the seasonal kit “upgrades”, new products, and all the materials you think you have to buy to keep on hand for your team (more on that in a minute).

And maybe you’ve got other financial concerns: mounting bills, climbing debt, sick kids (and the hospital co-pays that go with it). I’ve been there… and there’s hope and help for you.

It’s Always SOMETHING!

Debts & expenses really add up!

Whether it’s something to buy, something to pay for, or something to invest in, chances are good you can always find something to spend your money on (even if it’s just putting it into a bank account). I learned a simple formula that makes it so easy to figure out how to make the best use of your direct sales income. That formula is just one of the tools you’ll learn in Direct Sales 102: Building a Smart Direct Sales Business

As a direct seller, you hear a lot of noise in the marketplace right now. So-called “coaches” and trainers are coming out of the woodwork, touting their status as an expert. You’re confused, maybe even a little bewildered, wondering who you should trust.

After all, money’s tighter, costs are going up, and for many people, it’s even hard to afford to attend your national conference – the one place where you’re sure to get company specific help to grow your direct sales business.

It’s not your fault. I’ve worked with so many clients that have all said the same things. And it’s not your upline leader’s fault either. The fact is, there are few, if any, direct sales leaders, coaches or trainers that are qualified to teach financial strategies. It’s a gaping void in the world of direct sales that has left many professionals scratching their head, trying to figure out how to balance the budget and still stay up-to-date without going into the poorhouse.

I want to help you!



Direct Sales Success Means Building a Real Business


If you’ve already completed Direct Sales 101, you already know how to generate a consistent income. You’ve become a pro at building a stable source of income, bookings and recruits. You’ve gone from “expensive hobby” to building a real business. But generating income is only part of the equation. It’s time to put real business strategies in place to help you keep more of the income you’re making.

The number one reason consultants leave the business is because they have a bare calendar. That’s not you. You’ve got a solid book of business, but cash flow is crazy. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to expect when the company launches a new product. Do you buy the latest and greatest to have it on hand, or do you just show it from the catalog? After all, you’ve been told that if you want to sell it, you’ve got to show it. But with so many new products, it’s hard to know what will sell. Or is it?

If you use real business strategies, you’ll know exactly what to cull and what to keep.

It’s Your Money, Keep More of It!


Direct Sales 102 is not a financial planning course. It is a foundational primer on the most important aspects of growing a smart Direct Sales business: Managing Cash Flow and Eliminating Debt.

It’s a 100-level course, which means we’re going over basics. Some of them aren’t so sexy (like your profit and loss statement), but are you willing to deal with one or two un-sexy things so that you can have a profitable direct sales business?

What do I mean by profitable?

When I talk about profitable, I mean that you get more out of your business than you put into it. But not just more money. I’m talking:

  • more profit (money)
  • more enjoyment (energy)
  • more freedom (time)

I confess, there’s a little bit of work to do here, this is a 12-week program, after all. But when you graduate, you’ll have enough biz savvy to be able to know where the money’s coming from (and going to) each month, with a solid plan to reduce or eliminate your debt, increase positive cash flow, and give yourself some peace of mind knowing there’s still some money left at the end of the month.

Sound good?

Direct Sales 102: Meet Your Instructor

With more than 15 years in the Direct Sales industry, as both a consultant and trainer, Lisa Robbin Young continues to revolutionize Direct Sales training. Her book, Home Party Solution, has been read by consultants around the world, and outlines the exact tools and process she’s used to go from “direct sales zero” to “direct sales hero”, achieving leadership in her direct sales company in less than 90 days.  Thousands of direct sales consultants, leaders and even corporate trainers have experienced her power-packed, content rich events, learning from Lisa and her team of guest instructors.

Lisa was trained as a licensed financial advisor, and understands the specific financial needs of today’s direct sellers. She combines that training with her own experiences to help direct sales professionals like you make better decisions when it comes to building a successful business.


Direct Sales 102: Course Content


Direct Sales 102 is college-level content, but it won’t hurt your brain. Trust me, I know you didn’t start a business so you could crunch numbers all day. You want more freedom, flexibility, and the rewards that owning your own direct sales business can afford. I gotcha. It’s also important, though, to understand a few key numbers so that you can tell – at a glance – if your business is thriving or struggling to survive – and what to do to fix it before it’s too late!

Take a look at the course content:

Register Now for This Season’s Session

* The easy to remember mathematical formula for financial success in your personal and business life.

* The simple, 15 minute solution for to know the pulse of your business at a glance.

* The only “Numbers Game” that will boost your bottom line and save you money, too.

* A hybrid debt-elimination strategy that whittles years off your debt load.

* Tax saving strategies specifically for direct sales professionals.

* The zero-tolerance policy that will save your business (and possibly your life)

* How to read the company catalog like a business owner – and save hundreds.

* Big business tools that you can use in your small business to monitor cash flow, and increase revenues.

* How to build a simple, CUSTOMIZED financial plan designed for the way YOU do business.

* Easy to use templates, tools and tips to keep everything organized.

* Bonus audios from experts in financial management and taxes.

* and more.

The Quick Start Video is Ready NOW!

Like I said, this isn’t an overview or even a remedial course. These are the exact same tools, tips and techniques I’ve been using with my clients and in my own business. That means they work right now. And the good news is that these aren’t “flash in the pan” strategies that are here today, gone tomorrow. When you implement everything I teach in Direct Sales 102, you’ll lay the financial foundation for a thriving business that will last a lifetime.


Direct Sales 102: Graduation Requirements


Unlike those “bird courses” in college, where you just show up and skate through, Direct Sales 102 has a strict policy – you don’t graduate until you’ve passed the class. That means we’ll help you through Direct Sales 102 until you’ve met your graduation requirements. Not many coaches or trainers will make that pledge to you. That’s how confident I am that Direct Sales 102 will work. Which of these graduation goals would you like to achieve?

  • Establish a consistent positive monthly cashflow (more coming in than going out)
  • Reduce expenses and increase retained income to cover the cost of this course in full
  • Build and maintain an emergency cash reserve for your business

Obviously, I’m not going to do the work for you, and your own level of committment will determine how quickly you graduate. How many other coaches or trainers can guarantee those kinds of results?

Studies show that students learn best with individualized attention. Sure, you can buy a book and start implementing (that’s how I got started), but if you want to see success sooner, personal attention offers many advantages:

  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Answers to Your Questions

It’s not always easy to reach an author and get answers to your questions. Sometimes, it’s impossible (they might be dead or “too famous”). And even if you could, they might not be able to tell you how to apply it to your *unique* situation.

Direct Sales 102 covers all those bases. You’ll work in a classroom style setting. There’s class recordings and “the notes” from each class. But I’m not going to let you off the hook! Full participation is critical to your success. Plus, I’m dedicating myself to helping you succeed – and at my normal rate of $600 an hour, I ain’t cheap!

But you don’t have to worry about paying outrageous sums of money to participate in this program. Using a group coaching format means I can share this information with more of you, and still provide help to make this the most effective course possible. This program is strictly limited to 50 people, so I can give you all the attention you deserve.

You’ll have an unprecedented advantage in the marketplace. You’ll have a cheerleader in your corner and a business coach to help you succeed. You’ll also have unlimited email coaching during the weeks of our course. Plus, you can benefit from other members of the class that are having success or hitting roadblocks, too.


Direct Sales 102: Head of the Class Bonus


Look, I know that everyone moves at their own pace, and sometimes life gets in the way. You can take as long as you like to reach the graduation requirements. You’ll be able to move as slow as you need to… But if I can dangle a carrot for just a minute, there’s an incentive to graduate early. I call it my “Head of the Class” bonus.

If you can plow through all 12 weeks of our material, and meet your graduation requirements before the end of the final class, I’ll credit half your tuition to any other Direct Sales Classroom course. About a third of the students in my programs choose the “early graduation” option.

For me, this isn’t so much about the money as it is about the results. Frankly, I want to see you succeed. The only thing standing in your way is perhaps a lack of education – and I’m making that available to you now. The only other thing standing between you and success – is you.


Direct Sales 102: Pre-Requisites for Admission


This course isn’t for everyone. Preference is given to graduates of Direct Sales 101, because I know you’re serious about your business. Here’s what you need to make it through this course:

  • You’ve got to be serious about growing your business, because I’m serious about guaranteeing results.
  • You’ve got to be willing to invest time each week to do the work to get the results. I only want to work with “A” level students: people willing to do the work to get the results. If that’s not you, don’t waste my time or your money. It’s unfair to the other students that need this help. I can’t want this more than you want it for yourself. I can’t stress that enough.
  • A burning desire to succeed. You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone a little. You have to put away the “I already know that” mindset and be willing to hear with “fresh ears”.
  • A minimum $400 monthly income in your direct sales business. Profit is the money you earn (and spend) – not the total sales you make. Don’t worry if you’re already spending it. We’re going to help you figure out the best way to spend it, based on who you are and how you do business.
  • $500 show sales average in your direct sales business. If you’re selling one-on-one, your average order should be $75 or more.

Simply put, you’ve got to have some income coming in or this program will not help you. I don’t want you spending your last dime on this course. This course isn’t designed to help you make money. It’s designed to help you make smarter decisions about the money you’re already making, so that you can make (and keep) even more. If you don’t meet those pre-requisites, please enroll in Direct Sales 101 to learn my strategies for building a successful direct sales business.

There’s no dog and pony show here. I’m not going to tell you what a typical college course costs – or that colleges don’t even guarantee results. You already know all that. I charge $600 an hour for my one-on-one coaching. Few direct sales trainers charge that much. I’m not bragging. I’m illustrating a point. If coaches don’t value themselves at least that much, how can YOU ever earn that kind of money? Top direct sales leaders easily earn $600 or more per hour of work in their business. Where do you value yourself?

Because I’m committing to unlimited classroom support, the full Direct Sales 102 program, and ALL the training materials, your investment in this program could easily be thousands of dollars.

But I’m going out on a limb. Really. Registrants have complete access to all the course content immediately to go at your own pace.

If you don’t think it’s worth it to learn how to reduce your debt, grow your income, and stabilize your cash flow, I honestly don’t know why you’ve read this far! It’s the profit from ONE show, to guarantee you have the skills necessary to actually grow a solid, thriving direct sales business (cheap at twice the price, if you ask me)!

Seriously, if you haven’t read this entire page, READ THE ENTIRE PAGE before you make your purchase. There are NO refunds in this program, except as outlined above. Tuition will be forfeited if you fail to fully participate in the course. Only serious students of direct sales success need apply.

This course is now included in the Direct Sales Classroom Annual subscription. Click here to register

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