Direct Sales 103: Leadership Development

Yes! You Can Become a Successful Direct Sales Leader!
…and it can happen in a matter of months, not years.

If you’re an aspiring leader, Direct Sales 103 is the cure for the common team.

You know what I mean…

  • “kit-nappers” and non-responsive consultants
  • consultants content with doing “just the minimums”
  • a team full of part-time “hobby-income” consultants
  • fretting from one month to the next if you’ll make it to leadership (or maintain your title)

If you’re looking to build a solid, performance driven front-line direct sales organization that delivers results, Direct Sales 103 is for you. If you’ve already got a solid, consistently growing, consistently performing front line organization, Congratulations! You may want to pass this info on to them (and look at Direct Sales 201 for yourself!

Direct Sales 103 is a comprehensive course on leadership basics. We look at the 4 keys to successful leadership, and dig deep into each area, providing you with proven tools, strategies and systems for success. Here’s a look at the content:

Direct Sales 103 Basic Course
(in a nutshell)


12 Short, powerful multi-media lessons where you’ll learn:

  • The 4 Keys to Successful Leadership
  • How to maintain a strong personal business as a leader
  • Systems to streamline your time investment in your business
  • How to have a real business and still have a life
  • Coaching and Training (and why you need BOTH)
  • Recruiting with advertising that works
  • Technology every leader needs (low & no-cost options!)
  • How to hold training meetings that are PACKED
  • How to recruit consultants that perform (and avoid kit-nappers!)
  • Strategic planning for your business
  • How to engage your team for maximum performance
  • Team Leadership vs. Team Development (and why you need both)
  • and more

Direct Sales 103 is delivered automatically, so there’s no need to dial-in, or set a specific time for “classes”. You can take this class on your own schedule!

PLUS, I’m including the following bonuses to help you make even faster progress on the road to leadership:

  • Downloadable (PDF) worksheets that include all the scripts, resources and templates from the class ($97 value).
  • Additional training videos on select topics in the course.
  • Bonus audio downloads during the class session.
  • An online “classroom” where you can post questions, discuss lessons, and work at your own pace, on your own schedule.
  • Simple systems for follow-up with recruit leads and team members (priceless!).

Here’s what one of our students said just 3 weeks into class:

“After 3 years of different trainings, rallies, conferences, etc.  I was trying to implement too many things into my presentation.  Like you said, I don’t need the dog and pony show.  I brought the transcripts from the class with me so that I could go over the  recruiting presentation and wording right before the show so that it was fresh… A LOT of women were curious. That party ended up with over $1000 in sales, 3 bookings and 4 of my recruit leads! A couple of the ladies had hosted several parties and mentioned that they had thought about signing up but that they hadn’t found an advisor that they trusted to get them started and that they really clicked with – but they loved everything that I did.

My confidence in myself has gone back up now that I feel like I am seeing results. I am loving this class and it is a great feeling to have fun and watch the results come in!” – Kara Lewis

Register now and become the leader you know you can be!

You can get started with this program for less than what you’d earn from ONE new recruit! The total registration fee is $300, or you can pay in full today and pay only $275. You can also take advantage of one of our affordable payment plans to make it easier on your team training budget.

One payment of $275

– OR –

2 Payments of $150

(First payment today, the next in 30 days)

– OR –

3 Payments of $100

(First Payment today, subsequent payments every 30 days)

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