DS101 Schedule

This is a 12 week course, and each module will be released at 7-day intervals from your date of registration. Be sure to log-in regularly, because the system will only release one module per week! If you wait two weeks to log in, only ONE module will be updated when you log in. That way, you won’t be overloaded with content to try and digest. If anything goes haywire, just shoot us an email: info @ directsalesclassroom.com and we’ll do our best to help!

Class Texts:

Read/Download “Law of Success in 16 Lessons” by Napoleon Hill (PDF is 8MB and may take a few minutes to download)
Read/Purchase “How To Sell When Nobody’s Buying” by Dave Lakhani (no purchase necessary for class)
Napoleon Hill’s book is large (1170 pages!) and takes a few minutes to download. Dave’s book can be found at varying prices as a book, audio book, or for the Kindle. You don’t need to buy Dave’s book. You can use the “search inside” feature on Amazon.com
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1. click on “front pages” and that will take you straight to Chapter 0.

2. type in any phrase and you’ll see a list of pages that contain that phrase. Try typing in “Starbucks” and see what happens.

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Lesson One – Mindset, Value and Self-Worth (Think Like a Business Owner)

Lesson Two – Mindset, Raising Your Threshold of Belief, 6 Ghosts of Fear

Lesson Three – Finding New Clients, Part One

Lesson Four – Finding New Clients, Part Two

Lesson Five – IPA, Big Rocks, Delegation

Lesson Six – Self Confidence, Editorial Calendars, & Host Coaching Drip Campaigns

Lesson Seven – Word Choices For Host Coaching

Lesson Eight – The 30 Minute Demo & Full Service Checkout

Lesson Nine – Door Prize Slips, Persuasive Selling, and Seeding

Lesson Ten – Recruiting, Part One

Lesson Eleven – Recruiting, Part Two

Lesson Twelve – Overcoming Objections & Class Wrap-Up


  1. Nukoollook

    Hello Lisa,
     I am enrolled in your direct sales classes, 1&2 but i have not received any new lessons since Sep. 26th. what should i be doing?

  2. Kristen Rayner

    Hi Lisa!  Your course WORKS!  (when I do!)  I have not just 3 new recruit leads, but 2 have signed!  And, my sales in March alone were over $5,000 (great progress towards our incentive trip to Belize next year!   Thanks, looking forward to the next course.  Do I get my credit so I can enrol?

    Kristen Rayner
    Ontario, Canada

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