Direct Sales 101: Lesson 1 – Think Like a Business Owner

Class 1 – Mindset, Value and Self-Worth (Think Like a Business Owner)

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  • Set a goal to earn $500 – $1,000 in sales this week, by doing something different. Search Chapter Zero of Dave’s book for some suggestions.
  • Commit to seeing this program through to the end, no matter what. You’re WORTH it!
  • Begin to recognize that your time is EASILY worth $500-$1,000 an hour. We’ll work on this next class.
  • Start working on your vision.
    • Before you can do that, you need to know what you REALLY believe about your life, your world, your business, and yourself.
  • Optional Extra Credit – Read “YOUR SIX MOST DANGEROUS ENEMIES” Page 120/1170 in The Laws Of Success
    • These six ghosts of fear will give you food for thought about why you do (or don’t do) things in your life.
    • We’ll explore this more in the next class.
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