Direct Sales 101: Lesson 2 – Mindset, Raising Your Threshold of Belief, 6 Ghosts of Fear

Class 2 – Mindset, Raising Your Threshold of Belief, 6 Ghosts of Fear

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Listen to the opening of the last live session, which included a volunteer demonstration for some instant coaching:



Here are two segments of a training I did for a local direct sales meeting. Watch these clips and get a better understanding of raising your threshold of belief.


  • Keep working on your $1,000 sales goal. Email and let me know how you did!
  • Find your threshold of belief around what you believe you’re really worth (hourly rate), stretch yourself and look for evidence to prove your worth.
  • Keep working on your vision.
    • Paint it with the “perfect paint brush” – what does it look like for the next 6-12 months?
    • Be honest, and realistic.
  • Review the 6 “Ghosts” of Fear. Which one is gripping you right now? What needs to change so that you can instill a belief that serves you better? It may be a stepping stone belief – one that holds you for right now, but may have to change in the future to get you to your next step.
  • Start tracking your numbers: average show sales, sales per customer, etc.
  • Email if you have questions or concerns.
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