Direct Sales 101: Lesson 7 – Word Choices for Host Coaching

Lesson 7 – Word Choices for Host Coaching
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  • Review the word choices for host coaching
  • Be sure to tailor the verbiage to fit your unique style and business approach
  • Practice the verbiage so that it feels comfortable and natural.
  • Start closing shows the night of the party.
  • Begin to communicate your vision to your team – the parts that are relevant to them

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  1. Tina

    Lisa, I think the written checklist for host coaching would be very beneficial. But, I have a question, too. Many of my younger hosts lately want to invite guests by Facebook or texting. I guess they must think that mailed invitations are too much trouble or old-fashioned. Or, maybe they don’t feel comfortable giving out the addresses of their friends. How would you handle that? Thanks.

  2. Lisa Robbin Young

    Tina, great question. I think it’s appropriate to send invites both ways. Often times, a host doesn’t know the mailing addresses, and they feel uncomfortable asking for them – plus facebook is fast. When I have a host that asks to do that, I tell them that’s fine, but it means more work for them because they have to do more follow up with electronic invitations – especially facebook. If she’s doing FB invites, she can include me on the list, then I can reach out to the confirmed attendees and get mailing addresses that way.

    As for texting, I ask them to consider text her people for mailing addresses AND to invite them, because without a guest list I can’t know the party’s going to hold. Remember that 50% of your invitees will not be able to attend, and half of those that say yes will have a last minute change in plans.

    But don’t be afraid to let her invite people in whatever way works best for getting people AT the party. THAT is the ultimate goal. Younger people text all the time, and that’s a VERY reliable way to reach most people – it just leaves YOU out of the loop. An alternative is to look into texting them yourself, so that you get direct confirmation. Otherwise, you’re really going to have to get firm headcounts from your host.

    Hope that helps!

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