DS102 Schedule

Direct Sales 102: Income Producing Activities Course Overview

This is a 12 week course, and each module will be released at approximately 7-day intervals.

Watch The Quick Start Video to see what the course is all about!

Lesson 1: Success is Spiritual

Lesson 2: Ruthless Honesty

Lesson 3: Playing The Numbers Game

Lesson 4: The Success Equation

Lesson 5: Understanding Debt

Lesson 6: Protecting Yourself, Family, and Business

Lesson 7: Cash is KING!

Lesson 8: Your Business Is Alive

Lesson 9: Buddy’s Boundaries

Lesson 10: Effectively Using Your Day

Lesson 11: Growing as a Business Owner

Lesson 12: Putting It All Together: Your Debt-free Date and More


  1. Lisa Robbin Young

    Great question, Carla!

    This course doesn’t have a textbook, per se. I will occasionally reference Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success when it comes to the mindset issues, but so much of what I’m teaching in this course has come from my own research and personal experience that there’s no ONE book that covers all this material. You’ll be getting templates and handouts to download as we go along. That’ll keep you working on the most important issues anyway: Income Producing Activities and Important Personal Activities. 🙂

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