Direct Sales 102: Lesson 1 – Success Is Spiritual

Like Spirituality, Success is individually defined. It is an Internal sensation – a feeling that only you know when you’ve got it.

Eliminate other people’s blueprints. Design success for yourself. Today’s lesson explains more.


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Your Assignments:

1. Create a list of “what I really want” and “What I really don’t want” – this will be an ongoing assignment. Convert the “I don’t want” list into positive statements and begin adding them to the “what I really want” list.

2. Begin to examine the areas of your life where you’ve tried to alter the money flow – either by speeding it up or constricting it. Don’t try to change anything, just become aware. No judgement. Just awareness.


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  1. Carla K.

    I started my list of what I wnated by doing the list of what I didn’t want first. I had some pretty powerful ah-has. In fact, when I got to some items… my eyes teared up. In naming what I didn’t want and how I didn’t want to feel, the nerve got struck. The baad feeling of frustration and impotence were called out. I realized that some of the things I thought I wanted, were not as important to me as I had thought.  My definition of success is now evolving to a place where I can set my own goals, instead of listening to people tell me what I “should” do or “should” want. This is a very powerful lesson. And great too on the heals of BYOG.I have a feeling, that after this t12 weeks, I am going to re-tackle DS 101

  2. Lisa Robbin Young

    Carla, YAY!
    This is exactly what lesson one is designed to do: help you get clear on what’s really important to you. IPA is very personal. If you’re “living in the shoulds” of other people, it becomes way too difficult to live the life that you were called to live in this world and be the person you want to be in this world.

    Sometimes it’s hard to admit that what we used to want – or what we thought we wanted – isn’t what we want anymore – and that’s OKAY! I love your new definition of success – setting your own goals, and not living in someone else’s shoulds anymore.

    Good for you!

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