DS103 Schedule

Welcome to Direct Sales 103!

It is important that you send me your leadership requirements, since they vary from company to company.

Note: You may want a spiral bound notebook or a 3-ring binder just for notes for this class. Remember, it’s like a college education except no mid-terms or finals!

Please contact me at info@directsalesclassroom.com for fastest answers to your questions, or post your questions on the lesson page for community input.

This is a 12 week course, and each module will be released at 7-day intervals from your date of registration.

Lesson 1: Creating The Vision and Living It

Lesson 2: Why Recruiting Works

Lesson 3: Advertising, Part One

Lesson 4: Advertising, Part Two

Lesson 5: 4 Keys to Successful Leadership

Lesson 6: Your Pre-Recruit Drip Campaign

Lesson 7: She Said “YES!” – Now What?

Lesson 8: Training To Engage & Connect

Lesson 9: Boundaries To Save Your Sanity

Lesson 10: Delegation, So You Can Have A Life!

Lesson 11: Must-Have Tools For Leadership Success

Lesson 12: Strategic Planning