DS104 Schedule

This is a 12 week course, and each module will be released at 7-day intervals from your date of registration.

If you have any questions or issues, please drop an email to info@directsalesclassroom.com for assistance.

Lesson 1 – Creating Win-Win Offers

Lesson 2- Understanding Buyer Types

Lesson 3 – What Business Are You REALLY In?

Lesson 4 – Amazon & “The GoDaddy Strategy”

Lesson 5 – Direct Mail Strategies for ANY Holiday

Lesson 6 – Offline Marketing: PR & Media

Lesson 7 – Creating The Customer Experience

Lesson 8 – Online Social Marketing Strategies

Lesson 9 – Video Marketing

Lesson 10 – The Sales Cycle, Part One

Lesson 11 – The Sales Cycle, Part Two

Lesson 12 – Putting It All Together



Please post them on the lesson pages or send an email to info@directsalesclassroom.com for fastest response.




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