Direct Sales 104: Building Referrals & Repeat Business

Learn How To Get Your Clients to Buy More

– and Buy More Often All Year Long!

Attention Direct Seller:

Have you ever wondered exactly what it is that makes your clients want to buy from you? Why is it that two friends can sit side-by-side at your demo, and one will spend a couple hundred bucks, while the other won’t spend a dime – and it has nothing to do with their income. In fact, sometimes the person spending the most money is the one who can least afford it.

Simply put, you’re speaking one person’s buying language, but not the other.

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions:

  • “Why are my show sales so low?”
  • “How can I sell more of my products to the guests at my shows?”
  • “I have lots of people at my show, but I still don’t sell much. What’s wrong with me?
  • “How can I get more re-orders?”
  • “How do I get my customers to buy more from me throughout the year?

If so, you’re not alone.

According to industry reports, the average customer orders from a direct seller 1.1 times.

That means for every 10 people that buy from you,

ONE of them will re-order – but only ONCE.

That’s Just WRONG!

That’s a LOT of work trying to find new customers.

What if you could double or even triple your results? What if you could consistently generate more re-orders with less effort? What if you could sell twice as much at every show you already have on the books?

Imagine for a minute what your business (and life) might look like:

  • More free time to spend doing things you enjoy, with people you love.
  • Less stress around keeping the bills paid (or replenishing your kit).
  • A solid, consistent income you could bank on.
  • Happy, loyal clients placing orders regularly – almost on autopilot.
  • Knowing exactly what your clients want – so they will gladly buy it from you.

Sound good? Read on!

Direct Sales 104 examines not just “the how” but “why” clients spend money. You’ll get inside your client’s head, learn what they really want, and get them excited about buying it from you. We’ve taken the same tools and strategies that the big retail companies are using to get their clients to buy more (and buy more often) and tailored them for direct sellers like you. I’ve tested and tweaked each of these secret strategies so I know they work. I’ve used them in my own business for years! When you graduate, you’ll have tools and know-how to increase your monthly sales – without adding more shows to your calendar!

This isn’t about smarmy, slimy, pushy sales “tactics” that leave you (and the buyer) feeling like you’ve behaved badly. Each strategy I share is built on this “formula”:

Understand your client + Be honest + Give great value =

Make great money from loyal customers!

Direct Sales 104 is a comprehensive, online course (no phones, no travel). Each week’s lesson covers a specific element of understanding the secrets of increasing your sales using the specific strategies that speak your client’s language. And because different clients respond differently, you’ll have a variety of tools in your sales arsenal to double your show sales and earn the recognition you deserve. Here’s just a sampling of what’s inside:

  • How to attract more customers that fit the way you do business.
  • How the sales cycle works – and how to make it work harder for you.
  • WHY your clients spend money. We’re talking about the REAL motivations – and the words to use to get them to buy even more from you.
  • How to treat customers like real VIP’s – and earn even more in the process.
  • How to know exactly what your clients want – so you can sell it to them!
  • Direct mail strategies (and examples from my own business) that deliver results.
  • Top sales strategies from “the world’s oldest profession
  • The “Priceline approach”, “Scotty Principle”, “Go Daddy Strategy” and “Victoria’s Secret Strategy”
  • and more!

You’ll get scripts, templates, forms and all the helpful bits you need to become a sales machine. Lesson One is already waiting for you inside the classrom. You can get started today!

Traditional sales and marketing says I’m supposed to put some big “apples to oranges” comparison here about other ways you could spend your money instead of investing in this class. That’s silly. You know what it would mean if you could double your monthly sales average in your direct sales business. The investment for this course is small compared to how much you’ll gain in return. PLUS, you have a lifetime enrollment in the course, so you can re-take it, and update your skills any time you want! How may classes offer that kind of guarantee?

Direct Sales 104 is $99

including transcripts, downloadable MP3’s, class notes, worksheets,

and additional bonus audio and video content.

My “Double Your Sales” Bonus Reward:

Lisa Robbin YoungWhen you start the course, tell us your average monthly sales figure. When you double that number, you’ll get a $50 credit to apply to your next Direct Sales Classroom course. It’s that easy!

Direct Sales Classroom courses are like getting a college degree in direct sales – except no mid-terms! And the only final exam is the improvement in your business.

I cover every aspect of direct sales in a unique, “classroom” style setting where you can ask questions – and get real answers. And once you register, you’re registered for life! Every time we update the course (2-3 times a year) with new content, you have access to the updates. You can trust that the most up-to-date information on sales strategies – that actually work in this day and age – are in Direct Sales 104.


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