December Event Schedule

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Lisa Robbin Young – 5 Key Areas of Success


Lisa Robbin Young has nearly 20 years in the direct sales industry as a consultant, leader, coach and trainer. She is the author of Home Party Solution, and several training programs to help direct sales professionals build a profitable, sustainable business and life that they love. Retiring from public direct sales training in 2013, Lisa has turned her attention to writing and performing. She wrote The Secret Watch – the first business parable for home-based entrepreneurs, and is on a mission to record 300 songs.

Julie Anne Jones – From Overwhelmed to Organized


Julie Anne Jones is an ICF accredited coach and mentor with over eight years of hands on experience helping entrepreneurs find success. She’s known as “the systems queen”, and can break down just about any concept or big picture into doable steps. Her direct, no-nonsense approach to training has helped thousands of direct sellers and entrepreneurs to build a business – and life – that they love.

Julie Anne is organized beyond belief (probably a little OCD, truth be told) and that, combined with the systems part, has given her the ability to teach simple systems that work for anyone, regardless of where you’re at in your direct sales business.

Lori Randall – Keep Them In One Shoe At A Time: Building Client Relationships That Stand The Test Of Time

Promotional pictures 002Lori Randall is a former Mrs. Oklahoma, traditional business owner, sought after speaker and author of What Shoe Are You? Lori has spent the past 20 years in these roles working with every temperament imaginable. Teaching audiences consisting of direct sales professionals, educators, corporate executives, students and even pastors to understand and embrace all those varying temperaments is Lori’s passion. In the many hours of listening to these individuals she has uncovered the most prevalent reason people abandon your business. Ending that painful phenomenon for hard working direct sales professionals has become her mission.

When not on stage, Lori can be found in her Oklahoma home with hubby, Carl, and 2 children, Rachel and Luke, snuggling under a blanket and eating something wonderfully chocolate.

Jennifer Fong – The Courage To Receive

Jen_Fong_speakerJennifer Fong is passionate about the direct selling industry and how it impacts the lives of people all over the world. She is a corporate social media consultant and speaker who helps direct sales/network marketing companies use social media marketing effectively.

Jennifer also serves as a sales and marketing consultant for the direct selling industry, helping companies with evaluating existing new consultant programs, writing training programs for the salesforce, marketing campaigns, and more.

Jill Stodola – Embracing Life – One Moment At A Time

clawson 001Jill Stodola is an author, business woman, mother, widow, and a friend to the end.  Throughout her life she has been guided by her dreams and her faith.

She is the author of Cadavers and Cocktails: A Collection of True Stories From Dark to Light – a story that is both shocking and inspiring.  “Cadavers” represent Jill’s EXTREME life trials, the loss of her husband of 24 years to a horrific disease, and meeting her”Prince Harming” – who tried to kill her four times in 2012. “Cocktails” are the YES moments that have allowed her to press on and learn from the “cadaver” moments.

Jill’s been called an “Earth Angel” and believes her purpose in life is to listen, encourage and help. People feel a comfort and an instant connection to her. Even strangers sense a trusted, secure connection – so much so that they seek her out to share their stories and lives.

Pam Belding – You’re The Boat! Create Your Best Life Now

Pam's headshot mpkPam Belding is a life coach, author and creator of This big sister/girl-next-door type, is on a mission to inspire people to find the space and clarity they need to move forward in their lives. She loves writing about personal development and coaching people who are interested in feeding their souls.

Pam is the author of You’re The Boat: Charting a Course Toward A Life Worth Looking Forward To and speaks regularly to groups on the topic of self-empowerment and taking charge of their lives.

Melissa Reyes – It’s All About Energy!

MelissaVRMelissa Reyes is an ACE certified fitness instructor and mother of 4 with a passion for helping people live their best life. She specializes in weight management and working with clients to help them create a fitness and nutrition plan that works for their unique situation.

But it wasn’t always that way. Melissa’s lost more than 100 pounds on her journey to better health and fitness. She’s on a mission to help other entrepreneurs experience massive results in their lives, too.

Melissa believes that how well you manage your energy determines your success. It’s not just about what you eat or working out – EVERYTHING affects your energy, and this feisty fireball is a living testament to the power of persistence.

Kelly Paull – Create A Social Media Strategy That Works For You

Kelly Paull_DirectlySuccessful

Kelly Paull is the “geeky badass” behind She’s known for “Honey Badger 101”  – her no-nonsense course that shows you exactly what to do to become a facebook marketing whiz. Helping other entrepreneurs is Kelly’s TRUE passion. With a background in social work AND social media, she understands human behavior, and what drives people to build relationships that generate more sales for your business.

Directly Successful gives small businesses easy, practical tips and tricks for using technology to make their bottom line skyrocket! (Don’t be afraid, she’s gentle).

Susan Newman – 3 Keys to reaching more customers!  Blogging, Email and Direct Mail, Oh My!

susan-newman-by-tanzie-turnedSusan Newman is a brand visibility designer and visual footprint expert. Since 1994, Susan Newman Design, Inc. (SNDI) has built a reputation for developing award-winning, innovative, branding design, quality print marketing and creative, functionally sound web solutions throughout the United States and abroad. SNDI designs for entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, and international corporations.

Susan is also the founder and host of Broadcast Louder, an online educational webinar series for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and the host of Suzy Brandtastic, an internet radio show. Susan is also the co-founder of Frogs Are Green, LLC, an environmental awareness organization.

Barb Girson  Effective Email MarketingDownload Handout

Barb-Girson-Profile-Gray-w-White-Direct-Sales-Title (2)Barb Girson is CEO and president of My Sales Tactics, a professional skill development company. Barb and her team help companies, sales teams, and entrepreneurs gain confidence, get into action, and grow sales by designing and delivering custom training and executive coaching programs (for groups or one-on-one).

Barb is a Registered Corporate Coach™ & is president of International Coach Federation— Girson uses skills that she mastered while building her first company, a multi-million Tupperware business, as well as serving as a corporate National Sales Director— responsible for up to $40 million revenue & 20,000 consultants in North America.

Carol Dodsley – Google Plus (G+) Marketing for Growing Sales & Team Building

caroldCarol Dodsley is a sought after business visibility consultant and recognized expert in the world of Google Plus and Hangouts, Carol specializes in helping entrepreneurs and business owners, discover unique ways to use traditional, proven marketing methods in a technology driven world, enabling you to connect with your audience and your teams faster and easier.

Better known to many as the “Gplus how2girl”, Carol is the author of the #1 best seller book A DivaPreneurs guide to G+,  has been shortlisted for a “women inspiring women” award two years running,  has been included in many lists of top 50 Google Plussers, featured in The Ultimate G+ resource for 2013 and is a Google Plus Rising Star who receives regular invites to present and speak to entrepreneurs and business owners across the world.

Heather Price – Fit Your Business AROUND Your Busy Life!

Price, HeatherHeather Price represents three direct sales and network marketing companies. She started with a popular skin care/ cosmetics company in 2000 just because she wanted a hobby and when illness made her previous career less desirable, direct sales became a full fledged career. She added greeting card and video email companies in 2008 and 2012 specifically to encourage other direct sales professionals to use out of the box tools to promote their businesses.

Heather takes the “busy mom” approach to running her business, fitting her income producing tasks into the nooks and crannies of her life as a mom to six year old twins who each have multiple special needs.

Lisa Landtroop – Time Management is a PLAGUE – how to reclaim your downtime and savor moments when you’re not working

Lisa Landtroop ProfileLisa Landtroop owns BXLNT, llc (a play on the words “Be eXceLleNT”, get it?), a multi-platform enterprise specializing in time awareness + priority management; strategy + life coaching; & encouraging change leaders. She also enjoys copywriting + editing + proofing.

Lisa is the creator of and the powerful course, Take Your Life Back, which helps you remember that life is too short to do stuff you hate.  You’re only given 168 hours each week – did you do anything this week that truly fires you up? If not, why? Lisa’s here to fire you up!

Deb Bixler – The Guaranteed Way to Consistently Hold $1000 shows


Deb Bixler is host of the popular She is knowns as the party plan expert who focuses on REAL actions that make a difference in your business. Deb’s show focuses on tips, news, interviews and real “how-to” training for direct sales consultants.  Deb teaches home party plan consultants the skills and best business practices that all successful businesses use to achieve success.

Deb is the home party plan host coaching expert because after this event she guarantees that YOU will have $1000 shows every single month!

Winnie Anderson – Break Free and Break Through: The secret to achieving your sales goals


Winnie Anderson, the Sales Success Detective, solves the mystery surrounding your sales plateau. She is an award-winning copywriter and brand strategist who has helped clients achieve double-digit increases in sales, shave weeks off of their sales cycles, and generate record setting lead generation and sales records.

Winnie is a certified teacher and holds a master’s degree in human resources, several certificates in branding and online marketing along with additional graduate training in psychology and counseling.

Jen Fitzgerald – The Follow-Up Formula

JfitzgeraldJen Fitzgerald is the creator of The Client Angel and The Angel Factor. She is a relationship building and follow-up pro with a passion for teaching her strategies to entrepreneurs all over the world. Jen’s clients experience significant growth in their business, more referrals, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they never miss anything in their customers’ lives.

In her spare time, Jen can be found playing with her family, coaching her daughters’ basketball or soccer teams and cuddling up with her laptop to learn about new strategies for business growth.

Steve Q. Wiltshire – Create An Extraordinary Party Experience That Will WOW Your Hosts And Guests


Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO of Lifeline Coaching and Education, Inc., is a Life & Business Coach, dynamic keynote speaker, passionate success trainer and an accomplished author. He has developed curricula and training programs that he has conducted in cities throughout the nation at conventions, leadership conferences, as well as on-site seminars and teleseminars.

Steve’s one-of-a-kind systems and training provide all the tools you need for success. He’s taught them to thousands of Direct Sales professionals who have become million and multi-million dollar producers in their companies while successfully managing their personal lives.


An Action Plan To Help You Make FAST Progress


With topics that address all of the 5 Key Areas of Success, you’ll have a plant to help you get your year in gear, get clear on what matters most, and see more profits, more fun, and more meaning in your life and your direct sales business!



Listen to what a few of our past event attendees said…

“I just had my highest sales in a party so far.  The party closed at $2,600 in sales!

– Kara Lewis, Independent Unit Leader, Lia Sophia

“Your course WORKS! … I have not just 3 new recruit leads, but 2 have signed!  And, my sales in March alone were over $5,000 (great progress towards our incentive trip to Belize next year!   Thanks, looking forward to the next course.” – Kristen Rayner, Ontario, Canada


“Working with Lisa Young has been a godsend. She has given me so many examples of how to grow myself into more than what I thought I could be. She is excellent, helpful, highly intelligent, reliable, and helps others to think outside the box.”

– Wilma Brown, Independent National Sales Leader and Million Dollar Club Member


“I will listen to these again so I can take notes. The information is so valuable. One thought from Deb was worth her whole talk and ALL her information was ‘spot on!’

I am definitely interested in the next series and will invite a lot more people now that I see what a professional approach this was presented in.”

– Debi Mangan, Scentsy Independent Consultant


“I appreciate you putting this together. I am a definite new fan! Thanks so much for taking the time to help us all build our businesses! You have taken Zig Ziglar’s quote to heart: ‘You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.‘”

– Claudia Brawley, Avon

“I have thoroughly enjoyed each call! Since I purchased the MP3 downloads, I’ll get to listen to them all over and over again!”

I have to say, that I have NEVER experienced so many fabulous speakers assembled in a series before! I am a direct selling veteran and every call has given me new insight into my business or taught me something new! I have hit a platueau in my biz, and the SUPER Summit just kicked me in the rear!

“Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to learn how to take my business to the next level!”

– Chris Fetter, Tupperware