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If you’re starting (or re-starting) your direct sales business, or if you’re finally ready to start running it like a real business (instead of an expensive hobby), begin here.

The Truth About Direct Sales

If you’ve been in the industry for any length of time, you know that no one joins a direct sales company because they want to work more hours, spend more time away from their family, or make less money. Yet, many new consultants end up in this very boat. Some even start their business already in debt because they put their starter kit on their bank card, looking to “pay it off before the statement due date” like their leader promised them. But the shows they booked canceled, or rescheduled, and now they’re trying to decide what exactly they’ve gotten themselves into.

In reality, every consultant I’ve ever met tells me that they’ve joined their direct sales company because they wanted “something more” – and while some of them have found that elusive “more” they’ve been looking for, many direct sellers I meet tell me that they’ve been abandoned by their leader, or they are too remote to attend their organization training, or something else has put a barrier between their efforts and the success they desire.

Does this sound familiar to you?

If so, take heart, because Direct Sales Classroom can help you. Our 100-level courses are designed to help you build a comprehensive foundation for your direct sales empire. This isn’t just about the standard “booking, selling, and recruiting” mantra that every company and direct sales trainer espouses. The training at Direct Sales Classroom goes much deeper than that. Here’s a glimpse into our entire 100-level course series:

Direct Sales 101: Consultant Excellence

We begin by building a solid book of business. Direct Sales 101 has a history of graduating consistent performers in the industry. What does that mean? Well, the program guarantees that you’ll attain one of the following before you graduate:

  • 9 new shows on your calendar
  • $5000 in sales
  • 3 new recruit leads

And many students graduate with more than one of those accomplishments. About 30% of our students in Direct Sales 101 graduate early, meaning they’ve achieved one or more of those goals before the end of the 12-week course.

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Direct Sales 102: Income Producing Activities

In this course, we continue to dig into the mindset of a business owner. We talk about IPA (which doesn’t just mean “income producing activities” – and how proper saving and investing (instead of spending) in your business can actually improve the state of your finances. We look at budgets and cash flow, and all the basic data you need to track to be a successful business owner. And the best part? You don’t need advanced math or a degree in physics to handle this course. Most of this stuff is common sense. By the end of Direct Sales 102, you’ll be increasing cash flow, reducing expenses, and delegating non-IPA so that you can focus on being more productive, more profitable and more available to what matters most in your life and business.

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Direct Sales 103: Leadership Development

If you’re looking to build a solid, performance driven front-line direct sales organization that delivers results (not everyone does), then Direct Sales 103 is for you. If you’ve already got a solid, consistently growing, consistently performing front line organization, Congratulations! You may want to pass this info on to them!

Direct Sales 103 is a comprehensive course on leadership basics. We look at the 4 keys to successful leadership, and dig deep into each area, providing you with proven tools, strategies and systems for success. Students that graduate this course have a clearer idea of who they want on their team, as well as tools, strategies and systems for dealing with “kitnappers” and folks who don’t want to attend training or just “do the minimums” to stay active. We talk about advertising, marketing, and promoting your business in ways that aren’t pushy, or “sales-y” – ways that feel natural and get people to want to say “YES!” to a recruiting interview. You’ll learn word choices and interview techniques that help you become a natural leader with your growing organization, as well as delegation techniques to help you maximize your time and efforts, while training your team at the same time.

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Direct Sales 104: Secret Sales Strategies

If you’ve got a solid book of business, and want to maximize your income from the sales you’re already doing, Direct Sales 104 will help you. This course is focused on doubling your sales income, and takes a look at the psychology of selling, and why people buy from you in the first place. Tapping into some deep brain science, we’ve created an easy-to-understand course that not only explains how the buying process works, but also how you can tap into that process and be the most effective salesperson you can be – without being manipulative or feeling like a used car salesman. You’ll also learn my “Sales Cycle” process (pictured, left), and how to find more customers at every turn.

Direct Sales 104 begins by helping you get clear on the kind of customers you like to work with. Then, we learn more about what makes those customers tick, so you can connect more deeply and build stronger business relationships with your Perfect-Fit Customers (PFC’s). Ultimately, you’ll have more repeat customers that buy more often and refer more business your way. At the end of the course, if you’ve doubled your monthly sales, (about 40% of our graduates do) you’ll receive a graduation bonus!

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