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Are you ready to turn your “expensive hobby” into a real business?


Do you believe, in your heart, that this is your time to FINALLY have a business and a life you love?

If you answered yes, keep reading. Because I’d like to help you make this your best year ever  – with more income, more fun, and more time for what matters most to you.

You see, most direct sales training is very one-sided.

There’s a whole lot of cookie-cutter training out there that assumes that one-size fits every direct seller (I confess, I used to create it myself!). There’s a whole lot of talk about duplicatability” and “cut and paste” concepts that are supposed to work for anyone. And all that training, while it may be helpful, may not be working for you.

But what’s worse is that you’re learning to be a cookie-cutter “employee” instead of building a business that is profitable, sustainable, and uniquely designed to work for you.

So what about your specific situation?

There’s more to life than your direct sales business. In fact, I don’t know a single person that grew up with dreams of becoming a direct seller one day. The truth is, most of us got into the industry because we were looking for something more:

  • More recognition for how hard you work…
  • More of the products you know and love…
  • More time to focus on what matters most to you….
  • More money to enjoy your life!

Direct sales is a vehicle to help us reach for more, but it’s not all that life is about! You didn’t sign up for another job, you wanted a clear path to that “something more” you’ve been dreaming of.


I know, because I’ve been there…

I’m proud to say that my business is an authentic expression of who I am and makes a positive impact in the lives of thousands of people around the world.

But it wasn’t always that way.

In fact, not too long ago, I was a direct seller with no clients, no prospects, and no appointments on my calendar. My upline abandoned me, and my company was new enough that they didn’t have much in the way of business training. Sure, they had a lot of ideas for how to be a good consultant, but I didn’t want another job, I wanted to own a successful business.

And in a few short months, everything changed. I grew a productive team and developed a profitable, sustainable business as a direct sales leader. Now, I help other business owners grow their own Noble Empire so that they can live an inspired life.

And that’s what I want for you!

What exactly is the Business Mastery Program?

This is  I will give you everything I possibly can to support you in creating massive results and satisfaction – both in your business and your life.

The Direct Sales 101 Business Mastery Program is built on 3 success principles…

You see, these 3 power principles, make it easier – and often faster – to achieve the “something more” you dream about. And without them, it’s almost impossible.

  • Foundational, one-on-one support to shore up your business.
  • Step-by-step, “how to” training that meets you where you’re at.
  • Time to ask questions – and get answers for your specific situation.
You can learn a lot from a book or a training program, but you’ll learn and apply a whole lot more when you have individual coaching, mentoring, and a mastermind group to help speed you along. Remember: a rising tide lifts all ships!

The Direct Sales 101 Business Mastery is a 9 month coaching, mentoring, & training program…

You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to build a profitable, sustainable direct sales business, identify your perfect-fit clients, and earn an income you love – doing what you love – for clients that love you right back.

Plus, it’s fun, powerful, and geared to help you make fast progress and get Real ResultsTM.

  • We begin with my signature “Client Concierge” session. It’s a private, one-on-one interview session that gives us both clarity on where you’re at, what you really need, and sets the stage for positive growth.
  • Then, we’ll spend the next 90 days reinforcing the foundation of your business with one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and specific help to shore up your business, begin plugging the leaks, and amplify your income stream.
  • In December, we’ll all come together for my brand new Direct Sales 101 Virtual Business Retreat. Learn specific strategies and tools to build a profitable business on your strong foundation. Plus, you’ll start creating that Mastermind experience through a community of like-minded direct sales entrepreneurs.
  • Then in January, we begin your training. We’ll explore the key systems and tools geared to create a profitable, sustainable business. Every successful direct sales business needs this know-how!
  • Your training is delivered in monthly modules via our private, members-only community. You’ll also get a selection of physical tools and training in the mail that you can add to your sales and marketing arsenal (or leader library).
  • Your first training module will arrive  in January.
  • Our unique “Where You’re At” delivery allows you to learn in the way that works best for you:  any device, any time, anywhere.
  • Begin with the Executive Summary video, then dig into our step-by-step video, audio, and other tools (PDF forms, templates, Real Results action plans, and more) for additional, in-depth training.
  • Plus, benefit from an archive of “done-for-you” materials to speed up your results (and training!).
  • You’ll have round-the-clock access to your private member area to track your progress, ask questions, and get the help you need to see real results in your direct sales business.
  • And did I mention support? LOTS of it! From our monthly Group Q&A sessions to your one-on-one coaching calls, and everything in between, you’ll find just the right amount of support for where you’re at in your business.

Here’s a Sample of What You’ll Learn in the Direct Sales 101 Business Mastery Program

  • The myth of “duplicatability” and what works better.
  • The absolute best approach to building a direct sales business that’s profitable and enjoyable for the long term (IF you’ve heard this before, I’d be very surprised).
  • How to develop your “brand” so that you truly set yourself apart from the millions of other consultants selling exactly what you sell (and eliminate “competition” once and for all).
  • Why social media may actually be killing your business (and how to make it a profit center instead).
  • A scientific approach to using YOUR unique strengths for maximum results in life and business.
  • How to create effective presentations that speak directly to the heart (and wallet!) of your best clients.
  • The 2 tools that virtually guarantee you’ll consistently hold $1000+ shows.
  • My best strategies for increasing attendance, getting shows that hold, and filling your business with A-list clients.
  • My unique approach to goal-setting that ensures you’re actually doing what matters most.
  • My proprietary host training system that helps you get booked solid 3-6 months out (or more!).
  • The exact set-up I’ve used at events to get more guests in your vendor booth (plus how to tweak it so it works for you).
  • The top recruiting objections – and how to overcome them.
  • How to sell more even when it seems like nobody’s buying.
  • And yes, much more.

This is a 9-month program, so we can cover a LOT of ground. And we will.

Here’s How The Program Works…

Our exclusive “Where You’re At” training begins with our signature Dream Business Diagnostic with my Client Concierge team. We’ll assess the tools and training you’re currently using and help you get the most out of them so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We’ll look at where you are, what you’re trying to accomplish, and more.

Then, you and I will dig deep over the next 90 days to help you plot the best path to success for your situation. I pull no punches, and I tell it like it is. Depending on where you’re at in your business, we may be tweaking what’s already working, or re-building from the ground up. Those first three months will be a LOT of hard work. The end result is a business that makes money, and is built around who you are and what works best for you.

In December, you’ll join me and an entire community of direct sellers on the success path for our first-ever Direct Sales Virtual Business Retreat. I’ve asked some of my colleagues to join us for a mix of transformational, inspirational, and practical training. You’ll get some hands-on ideas you can implement right away, as well as some fun, enlightening entertainment. Think of it like National Conference, only cooler and way more productive. Yes, we’ll have prizes, on-time drawings, and even a virtual mixer so that you can get to know each other and start forming your own global mastermind group!

Starting in January, you’ll learn and implement a variety of tools, strategies and concepts that will allow you to experience more success, better work-life balance, and the profitability that comes with owning a real business. From online marketing strategies to systems, tools, and processes that will streamline your business and make you even more profitable, you’ll learn the brass tacks of what it takes to run a profitable, sustainable business – instead of having an expensive hobby that runs you!

Each month, after you’ve had a chance to digest the training, we’ll have an Open Coaching Session where you can get your questions answered. Each session is recorded, and if you can’t make it, you can submit your questions in advance, and I’ll be sure to cover them for you!

You’ll also have access to our private members-only community for 27/4 inspiration, advice, and feedback. We’re here to support you on your journey!

Our Exclusive “Where You’re At” Training Makes It Easy!

mobilebookOur goal is to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

That’s why every module is delivered in multimedia format. Our training is designed to be consumed in any format that works for you. Watch and learn from your computer, or download your training to your iPad or iPhone. You can even access content on your kindle or android device!

You’ll receive streaming & downloadable MP3s, PDF worksheets, resource guides, templates, “cheat sheets” and other resources for your training modules.

You control the content delivery. We’ve tried to give you multiple ways to learn, because we know everyone learns differently. Use our handy forms, checklists, and ‘save points’ help you keep everything organized. Take advantage of text or email coaching to get even more help for your specific situation.

Select your preferred coaching and learning methods during your Client Concierge session.

Ask questions, get answers.  We are here to help!

Direct Sales 101 Guides will build your direct sales business fastPlus: The New Direct Sales 101 Guides…

My goal is to give you everything you need to succeed.  Each month in 2014 we’ll be releasing a new training guide – and YOU get early access!

These are physical books that are designed around a single topic or strategy, to help you see Real Results fast. They make the perfect addition to a monthly team training or for your leader lending library.

Build your bookings with “7 Bookings in 7 Days”, get your new consultants off to a great start with “Your Next 90 Days”, and learn more about target marketing with “Finding Your Perfect-Fit Customers”. You’ll get a new book each month, and BE THE FIRST IN THE WORLD to have this exclusive training!

And I’ll be here to guide you…

FirstFrameI’ve set up multiple support structures throughout the program to help you implement, take action and get amazing results.

You’ll have me by your side every step of the way. Not sure how a specific idea applies to your business? Need help defining your business model? I can help. We’ll do a deep-dive into your personal business with one-on-one coaching and mentoring during our first 90 days. Then, I’ll answer your questions live during our Open Coaching in January, plus you’ll be able to submit questions in advance and I’ll pick the best ones to answer every week.
Yes, I know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve created the Executive Summaries for each module, plus “deep dive” training on specific questions. The videos are short, and easy to digest. Plus, you’ve got plenty of time each month to implement, ask questions, and get the help you need to succeed.

Here’s Everything You Get…


My Exclusive “Client Concierge” Business Analysis

You’ll begin your journey with a deep dive into the specifics of your business. This one-on-one interview will give us the context of where you’re at, where you’re headed, and what you’d like to accomplish in the next 9 months.

(Value $350)



90 days of private, one-on-one coaching and mentoring

You and I will work together in bi-weekly 30 minute sessions to shore up your business – from the ground up if need be – to make sure you’re building on a solid foundation. Between calls, you’ll have unlimited email access and support from me and my Client Concierge team to ensure your progress.

(Value $1950)



Monthly “Where You’re At” Training Modules

Each month, starting in January,  I’ll break down a new concept or strategy to help you make great strides toward your dream business (and life!) We’ll keep it simple and easy to understand.

No 60-minute training videos. No overwhelm. Just short, grab-and go videos, audios, and all the supporting documents and tools you need to get real results.

(Value $6,250)


Monthly Business Mastery Open Coaching Sessions

Two weeks after the content posts, we’ll have an Open Coaching session. These sessions are all about YOU. Ask me your most pressing questions (or submit them in advance if you can’t make the live session). I’ll guide you step-by-step to building the business and lifestyle of your dreams!

Each session is recorded, so you won’t miss a thing!

(Value $3,125)


Streaming MP3 & Downloads of all sessions

Review or catch up easily by listening to the recording of each session on your MP3 player, or computer, or burn it to listen on a CD player.

(Value $6,250)

bizmodel PDF CheatSheets and Call Notes to refer back to again and again. You’ll also receive relevant outlines, hand outs, worksheets and recommended resources to help you see success quickly (and you can share them with your team!).(Value $1,746)
Direct Sales 101 Guides will build your direct sales business fast The Direct Sales 101 Guides – You’ll be the first to get your hands on this brand new series of proven strategies and tools to help you (and your team) grow a profitable, sustainable direct sales business. The series launches in 2014, and you’ll get early access!(Value $20 each)
extrabonus Lifetime Access – You can’t get “left behind” because you get lifetime access to the training modules. You can learn and implement at your own pace and your own convenience.


goldguaranteeMy Can’t Lose, 100% Risk Free Guarantee…

I believe in you and I know this program can help you define success on your terms. That’s why I invite you to fully participate in the program, and we’ll check in with you each month. If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, just return your materials, and provide us with your completed homework, then we’ll refund 100% of your money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your completed homework is required before we refund your money. Why? Because I know that if you do the work, you’ll see results. If you do the work and don’t get the value, then I don’t deserve your money. Period.


The Direct Sales 101 Business Mastery Program is designed as a full 9-month group-coaching curriculum.

I am committed to investing the next 9 months with you to help you transform your business and life. I ask the same level of commitment from you. I ONLY want committed folks who are ready to invest in their business for the long term. If you are uncertain that you’ll even be in direct sales 9 months from now, please do not apply.

Is The Direct Sales 101 Business Mastery Program right for me?

That’s a a fair question, one you always need to ask before investing in anything. If you can’t answer “yes” honestly, you need to save your money. And my feelings won’t be hurt if that’s your decision. More than anything, I want you to make the best possible decision, that’s why I’ve included so much information on this page.
This program is PERFECT for you if you:
  • Know that a successful, profitable business takes time.
  • Are ready to turn your “expensive hobby” into a profitable, sustainable business.
  • Want to build your business around your life and your dreams, instead of waiting for the home office to tell you your goals.
  • Are ready to step into a full-time income as a direct sales professional.
  • Are willing to do the work needed to see real results.
  • Are open to trying things that may be new, different, or even unfamiliar.
  • Want freedom from fear and guilt so that you can live a balanced life.
  • Are willing to ask for help and shift your “do it all by myself” mindset.
  • Wish you had a mentor who’s “been there, done that” to play it straight with you on the success journey.
  • Are willing to be honest about your life and business.
This program is NOT for you if you are:
  • looking for instant cash. We’re not building a slot machine, we’re building a real business. That takes time.
  • not willing to invest the time, energy, and attention it takes to build a business for the long-term.
  • prone to missing appointments or deadlines. Your progress depends on your participation.
  • an excuse-maker, tire-kicker, or whiner. I don’t mind a healthy bit of skepticism, but you’ve got to DO the work to see the results. Period.
  • not able to download mp3’s, pick up a phone, or post on the community forum. You need to be minimally tech savvy.
  • an energy vampire. This program is about give and take. You’ll be expected to contribute. Your clients and colleagues are counting on you.
  • in the middle of a life/financial crisis. Focus on taking care of yourself before you worry about your business. Fo’ realz.
  • a drama queen, PITA, always playing devil’s advocate, or can’t stop focusing on why something won’t work, instead of just giving it a go.
  • easily offended. I try to keep it clean, but when my dander’s up, I’ve been known to swear a tiny bit.
  • unable to keep it real. Living a lie will only make it harder to see success.
  • un-spiritual. I’ve been known to pray, meditate, and talk about God from time to time. I try to be non-denominational, and if any of that offends you, my training won’t resonate.

Got More Questions? Drop me an email and get my personal recommendation and advice regarding what will best support you.

Total Value: $19,761

Total Cost: A small fraction of that…

“Okay, Lisa– I’m Ready!”


All you need to participate in this groundbreaking program is a phone and a computer. I love working with private clients and my rate of $650 per hour isn’t something everyone can handle. I know there are a LOT more direct sales professionals out there that need this help. That’s why I’m pricing it so anyone who is truly ready to build a Noble Empire and live an inspired life will easily be able to participate.
I’ve made this program very affordable because I truly want those who are ready to catapult their wealth and well-being to have access to it. I don’t want money to stop you from investing in yourself, your entrepreneurial dreams, and those you love. 
That’s why the total investment for the Direct Sales 101 Business Mastery Program is just $2250. $1800 for Charter Members!
You can pay as you go, for just $200 per month, or save $650 off the regular rate if you pay in full today.
Is it worth the profits from one party a month to help you see real, lasting results?

9 Monthly Payments of $200

Total = $1800 (Charter Members Save $450!)


Pay in Full Today – $1600 

Charter Members Save $650!


Charter Membership Enrollment Ends August 15!


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are from previous clients and programs. There is no guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her ability to take action, their background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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