Overcome Your Phone Phobias

This is NOT a call for people suffering from Phonophobia, a social anxiety disorder. I am NOT a doctor, and do not pretend to be one. This session is for direct sellers that feel like the phone weighs 800 pounds, or just have difficulty knowing what to say when they call their customers and hosts on the phone.

When I was a kid, I suffered from a kind of Phonophobia. I cried if I had to pick up a phone and call anyone. I’d dial six numbers, and hang up before I got to the seventh. Over time, though, I found myself in jobs where I HAD do make calls. . . or suffer the consequences.

Eventually, I learned the reasons behind my phobia, and how to resolve it once and for all. Now, I want to teach you how I went from phone phobic to telecom tornado on this recorded training session:

Overcome Your Phone Phobias!

Take charge of your phone fears and build a successful direct sales business! On this special 30+ minute call, you’ll learn:

  • How to do follow-up calls without sounding pushy
  • The right way to re-connect with “long lost” clients who haven’t heard from you in a while
  • When it’s okay to trust your gut and NOT make that call – without guilt
  • An alternative (and effective) approach to using the phone in the first place
  • Plus a Q&A session to get answers to your specific questions!

Incredible Value – only $20!

When you make your payment, you’ll get access to a private playback/download page where you can listen online or add the session to your MP3 player for portable listening. Please note: there are no refunds on digital products, including this teleclass. If you’re not happy with the training, please let us know and we’ll gladly offer you a credit toward one of our other products and services.

Questions? Comments? Shoot us an email (info @ directsalesclassroom.com) or call 810-391-9648 and a real person will connect with you.