How to Get Powerful Testimonials and Referrals

As a direct sales professional, you know by now that Word of Mouth marketing is still the number one way to get your perfect-fit customers beating a path to your door to buy from you – and recommend you to others! Your home parties depend on getting more bookings from the parties already on your calendar, and getting referrals from your one-on-one clients means that you’ll still be in business next month.

“How do you get people to not just talk about you, but RAVE about who you are and what you’re doing?”

You’ve probably seen those raving testimonials on other people’s websites, and wished you could get quotes like that from your clients. In fact, chances are good that while your clients say they enjoy working with you, getting them to recommend you to their friends and colleagues feels like pulling teeth.

Face it, when other people are singing your praises, you don’t have to! You’ll never sound pushy or desperate when someone else is telling people how awesome you are!

Believe me, I’ve been there. I’ve worked with six-figure direct sellers and seven figure entrepreneurs for years, and I used to feel the same way. It was awkward asking people to recommend me to their friends – even when I believed in my product. In fact, I used to believe that if I just worked really hard and did a great job, my work would speak for itself.

It does… and it doesn’t.

“If You Build It… They Might Not Come!”

If you build it, they may come, but even in Field of Dreams, the first player that came to the field had to invite the other players to visit and play ball.  Truth is you may have an amazing product or service, and YOU may be spectacular to work with, but your clients and colleagues still might not think of you when making referrals and recommendations. Here are just a few of the “reasons” I got when I would ask people to refer me:

  • “I love you/your work, but wouldn’t know what to say.”
  • “I thought you were already full/too busy.”
  • “I didn’t know you were looking to expand.”
  • “You should have asked me sooner! I just referred…”

That’s pretty painful to hear. Especially when you’re working so hard at delivering great value to your clients. I was watching business go to other people for years, until I discovered an easy-peasy way to take the pressure off my clients (and me) and still get glowing reviews for my work.

In fact, it’s the same process I STILL use with my clients and colleagues when I want them to share me with their friends. Here are a few of the rave reviews I’ve gotten for my work:

Lisa is stunningly effective.  Without her, our Simpleology Business Coaching program would not be anywhere near as good as it is.  She has a unique talent for bringing out the talents of others, and motivating people to take real action.  I’d hire her as a coach myself!”

– Mark Joyner

#1 Bestselling Author and Founder of Simpleology


avatarLisa Robbin Young is an inspiring, motivating coach and monetizing idea machine! I am always energized by her passion and commitment to people’s success and her ability to help people understand that their greatest profit comes from their most valuable product – themselves.”

– Mary Marcdante 

Speaker, Coach, Author of ‘Living with Enthusiasm’


“Lisa’s strength lies in spontaneously and accurately seeing a project (whether hers or someone else’s) from a bigger picture view and then focusing like a laser beam on exactly what and how to improve or advance that project.

“The first time I spoke with Lisa regarding a project I was working on, I was struck by her instant understanding of what I needed and her intuitive sense of which direction I should move in. She is a master interviewer and can spontaneously personalize another’s message, using her own experiences to make whatever someone else is sharing instantly more relatable to her audience.

“In short, Lisa is a brainstorming genius and brings a sharp, creative and spontaneous element to whomever she’s coaching. I highly recommend you work with Lisa if you’ve hit a wall and need to move your ideas forward in new and creative ways.”

Julie Anne Jones

Julie Anne Jones, Inc.

What a difference a good testimonial can make! If you’d like to have your clients and colleagues raving about you to their clients and colleagues, I invite you to join me for a one-time teleclass I’m teaching…

How To Get Powerful Testimonials and Referrals – Almost Without Asking!

The key to getting a powerful testimonial is in knowing what you want people to say about you. It’s not enough to ask for a testimonial. You’ll get back something fairly generic, that probably won’t help you much. Generic endorsements don’t helpyou stand out from the crowd.  When you learn the art of asking for the testimonial you want, you’ll go from this:

“I really enjoy working with Nancy, she’s fantastic.” – Sally Customer

to this:

“Before I started getting Lisa’s power-packed newsletter, the best way to describe my business was just starting out, needing any and every bit of advice I could get! The BEST piece of advice Lisa gave me was the article about “5 secrets to book your calendar”, hard to choose one, I have used them all!

Since I’ve started using the great advice Lisa’s taught me I have built a team of 25 consultants in less than 5 months! Everyone looks at me as if I really know what I am talking about. When I give them the advice I have taken from the newsletters, I sound as if I have been doing this for years!

Lisa’s training is perfect for people who are just starting out, like me, and for seasoned consultants who need a little boost in their business. THANK YOU LISA!!” – Judy Thompson, Direct Sales Leader

You can view more testimonials on my LinkedIn profile and my testimonials page (they open in a new window).

An Easy-Peasy Way To Have Clients and Colleagues Recommending You To Your Perfect-Fit Customer

On this call, you’ll get a simple template I’ve used for years to get solid results-oriented testimonials that get people talking about the great work that you do – and get other people motivated to choose you over your so-called competition. And it works regardless of the type of product or service you offer. 

It’s a simple, three-sentence, fill-in-the-blank tool that will have you capturing more glowing comments that strategically position you as the ONLY choice for your Perfect-fit Customers. It’s so simple that your clients, hosts and colleagues will WANT to use it. And it’s incredibly effective.

You’ll also get specifics on:

  • When to brag – and when to keep your mouth shut.
  • How to “brag” in a way that’s not pushy or icky, but actually helps people refer business to you.
  • What to do for people that want to endorse you, but don’t know what to say.
  • The “Vendor Well” technique that will connect you to even more of your Perfect-Fit Customers

There will also be a Q&A session at the end if time permits.

All The Referrals You Can Handle – $20

That’s right. I’m not teaching you anything you couldn’t figure out if you spend a few hours surfing the web. But if you value your time at more than $20 an hour (you do, right?), you owe it to yourself to invest in this call. For $20, you’re basically paying for the tie it takes to encode the file and stick it in an email after the call is over. The call is recorded, so you’ll have a downloadable MP3 to add to your training archive – and TWO resources to explode your business just before the busiest time of the direct sales year!

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’ve been wanting your best clients to talk you up to more of your Perfect-Fit customers, this is the call for you. And for $20, I don’t know how to make it any more affordable.

Learn how to get raving testimonials and better referrals from your clients.

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Testimonials and Referrals


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