Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Is Important

It’s simple. We don’t share your information with anyone outside our organization without your permission. Period.


I do occasionally promote someone else’s product via an affiliate link. That means I get paid if you choose to purchase from them through my special (affiliate) link. I may promote something if I think it’s appropriate, but I never give your contact information to anyone without your permission. Further, since my reputation is on the line, you’ll only find me recommending something I’ve got direct experience with, or a strong relationship with the product creator (meaning I trust them enough to know they won’t sell you crap). You are always welcome to google search anything I’m promoting to avoid paying the affiliate fee, but really, that’s just extra work. Affiliate fees are like referral fees, which are quite standard in any number of businesses.

Compliance Notification

For all posts dated December 1, 2009 or later, we use full disclosure in the post and/or links to disclose our affiliate relationships or material connections to any recommendations/reviews, etc. For all posts dated December 25, 2011 or later, only affliliate links may be used.

Questions? Feel free to contact us:

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