Be honest with yourself…


Are you holding yourself back
from the success you know you deserve?

Are you building a profitable direct sales business?

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing,
will you see any progress, or are you just “spinning your wheels”?


Feeling a little “emotional” right now?


It’s time to stop making excuses and start making money. It’s time to finally create the profitable, successful business you know is hiding inside you.

Not everyone will take a look at this page. Maybe they were scared, or “too busy” – which we know is just code for “being under someone’s yoke”. Whatever the reason, they won’t see this page. But you are one of the few that took the leap.


One of the things I’ve wanted to do for a long time was create an all-in-one coaching program for direct sellers – a program that had the following components:

  1. Someone to hold your feet to the fire and help you see through your own roadblocks (coaching)
  2. A master plan of attack to get you from where you are now to where you want to be (strategy, tools & resources)
  3. Someone that can help you avoid learning things the hard way (mentoring)

What I do isn’t for the faint of heart

See, there are a lot of consultants and leaders that say they want a successful business, but really just want more ideas that they’ll never use. They make excuses about why they tried something (once) and it failed for them, so it must be lousy advice. I’ve heard from other direct sales trainers and coaches that the bulk of direct sellers want everything for free and then won’t follow through on the help they’re given. They call their clients “cheap, hard to sell, tightfisted, and inconsistent”. They say they talk a good game, but won’t do the real work to be successful. They want some kind of ‘magic pill’ to make everything perfect.

That’s not how I roll.

In fact, I must have some kind of lucky charm or something because, for the most part, my clients are smart, savvy, and willing to do the work to grow a real business with their direct sales company. I’ve been coaching for five years now, and I’ve found a different experience to be true. Sure, my clients like to get a great deal (who doesn’t?), but they’re willing to work if you show them strategies that get the job done.

“I wanted to share this with you …  our commission checks were just posted …. OMGOODNESS, I think I’m going to have a heart attack! It is double my highest commission check yet! HOLY SCHMOLY!

Our team is now at 1,063 consultants; our total team sales were over $800,000.00 in October; my personal team sales were over $150,000.00; 220 new consultants joined our team (34 joined my first line); 3 promoted toSenior Consultant; 2 promoted to Director, 2 promoted to Senior Director, and I promoted to Senior Executive Director (all promotions should be “official” on November 5 (there are more promotions, too, within my personal Directors’ downlines that I will know about later) Thanks for everything Lisa!”

Phyllis O’Neill, Senior Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

I’ve learned a lot about what NOT to do – and passed that education on to my clients in the process. I’ve also learned that while many direct sales consultants need help with the basics (booking, sales, recruiting), what many of you need is a partner to help you navigate the pitfalls of taking a part-time hobby to a full-fledged income producing machine. Sometimes that’s life management, sometimes it’s financial management, sometimes it’s all of the above – and then some. I pride myself on the fact that I’m not just throwing out a bunch of “maybes” to my clients. I know what works, because I’ve been my own personal guinea pig for the last 18 years!

“In a mere 25 minutes Lisa gave me several great tips, pointers, and suggestions. She is smart, well spoken, sharp… listens and gives you advice based on your business. I am definitely looking forward to working with her in the future.”

– Donna Madronal

“I LOVED my call with Lisa. She is so savy…I have learned so much from her. I follow her website and ezine. She is so helpful and insightful and has such a down to earth way of presenting the material that anyone can follow her and learn from her. I am just thrilled that I found her on the internet!”

– Jennifer Fitzgerald
The Client Angel

Online marketing, life management, getting more focus, prioritizing, setting boundaries, increasing sales and building a strong book of business. It’s not always easy to do on your own – and sometimes it’s hard to know for sure what it is that you REALLY need – until you get an outsider’s perspective.

I’m here to help you achieve “the impossible”.

I have been blessed with the gift of “questioning”. I can ask the right (sometimes tough) questions to figure stuff out and show you what you might not otherwise see on your own. The thing about focus is that if you’re too close to an object, you can’t focus on it. If you’re too far away from an object, you can’t see it. The questions I ask, and the ideas I provide always seem to provide just the right perspective for my clients.

avatar“Very Helpful!

“When I ask Lisa a question, she has so many ideas that I am thankful for the recording of the call so I can listen to her over and over again.”

Judy Campo-Sobota

Plus, you have the benefit of someone that’s “been there, done that” in just about every facet of direct sales, so I speak from experience about how to best handle a situation. It’s not just about strategies – you can find that anywhere. It’s about sharing what’s working right now, and being able to apply it your your specific situation. Three kids, no kids, single, married, large team or small team, your unique situation dictates how we handle building the roadmap to success on your terms.

So even if you’ve invested in products, training, and coaching there is likely still a missing piece –

Personalized, one-on-one guidance from someone who is understands direct sales, marketing and business AND knows the tips, tricks, details and shortcuts of running a successful direct sales business online.

Not to brag, but yeah, that’s me.

I have a knack for helping you narrow your niche, find your target market, and actually SELL to them. I can’t always explain how I do it, but I do it very well. After one or two conversations, we’ll have a game plan and target market you can start approaching right away. Plus, I have access to an arsenal of low-cost and no-cost tools to help grow your online presence as well – increasing the reach of your business in cost-effective ways.

And if you’ve ever worked with me before, you know I pull no punches. I play it straight with you, and call you on your B.S. – but I’m still as nice as can be, because this is about YOU being successful on your terms. That means being honest – and sometimes the truth hurts, but I’m here to help!

So we’re going to take your business to the next level: one-on-one, with full accountability!

Accountability and consistency are the real keys to success!

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you are successfully holding 3 shows a month, and you want to keep earning that kind of income, you’ll consistently hold 3 shows a month. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll get pretty consistent results. But what happens if what you’ve always done isn’t getting results? What if you need fresh eyes? What if you need a new approach – one that might be a little scary or hard to do?

That’s where I come in. By holding you accountable and giving you exact steps to follow:

  1. You will know EXACTLY what to do next (i.e. what to be accountable FOR)
  2. You’ll have a like-minded, supportive mentor that sees your vision and will kick you in the pants to stick to it!

If you are ready to move quickly in the RIGHT direction for you – and stop spinning your wheels – consider this your invitation to work directly with me.

“I received an email while at Disneyland from one of my past hostesses that is interested in learning more about becoming an advisor so I’m talking with her today. And I just had my highest sales in a party so far.  The party closed at $2,600 in sales!  I have good things happening.”

– Kara Lewis, Independent Unit Leader, Lia Sophia

Here’s how this works:

Based on your situation, I’ll personally coach you on any or all of the following:

  • Determine the niche and target market you can best serve in your business.
  • Help you identify the team-building approach that works best for you.
  • Lay out a road map for growing your business and keeping your life in balance.
  • Create off-line marketing channels to bring in more business faster.
  • Determine which online marketing strategy is right for you and how to make it happen.
  • Set up an automated online marketing system for hosts, recruit leads and increasing sales.
  • Answer all your specific questions about building your direct sales business on your terms (the right way for you)!
  • Work with you on your schedule (even weekly!) to determine your highest-leverage activity for that week then hold you accountable for getting it done!

Basically it’s the closest thing to being a business partner in your pocket for the next six months. You’ll receive my personal email address for all of your questions. You can also email me websites, presentation ideas, product display photos, and any other marketing materials you’d like me to review.

We’ll also do phone coaching sessions where you can ask me any direct sales, business/life management, or marketing related questions you want. You pick the topic, I’ll come with the answers.

Please understand that I run a thriving business myself and am not here to second-guess every move you make. Basically you email me with your questions and we’ll set up our calls together in advance. I’ll give you as many emails as you need and up to 30 minutes on the phone each week, I only ask that we make the most of our time together. I am here for you.

No Tire-kickers, or Whiners Please!

You know who you are. You like to try before you buy, but never actually do any buying. You constantly have a “reason” why things aren’t working for you, but never seem to do anything about that reason.

When you decide to work with me, you agree to work with me to get your butt into gear – in a friendly way.

If you think this is too hard or you “don’t have the time for it” just click away now. You are making a commitment here. If you aren’t willing to work to fast-forward your business to where you’ve always wanted it to be, don’t sign up. It’s up to YOU and you alone to succeed and make the best use of our time together. I don’t put a gun to your head, ever, and I can’t want this more than you want it for yourself.

But I’m not a tyrant, either. I want you to enjoy yourself, and see the fun of growing a successful business. That’s my favorite part of coaching – watching the light bulb come on and the “cha-ching” start happening.

Here are the conditions you need to meet in order to participate in this program . . .

  • Have an established business that has some consistent monthly income (if you’re brand new, look at our online store for other helpful training)
  • You are 100% prepared to implement my suggestions – and actually DO it!
  • Your business is not involved in any unethical practices
  • You can afford the cost of this coaching (believe me, it will pay for itself)

So if you could use a coach who:

  • Will hold you accountable
  • Will give you objective, honest help with your business (including the life skills stuff)
  • Will tell you when you’re missing out or holding out
  • Will be your biggest cheerleader
  • Will commit to matching your efforts in supporting your success journey
  • Will always be honest and share what’s really working now

…then take action and make it happen. Can you even imagine what we’ll be able to accomplish?? Pretty exciting stuff!

To “Sweeten the Pot” a bit…

As one of my private coaching clients, you’ll receive access to any of my current digital training products as you need them. Whatever you need, if I’ve already created it, and it’ll help you right now, I’ll unlock it for your immediate access (no point re-inventing the wheel!)

You’ll also get a 50% discount on training for your entire organization downline. If you’d like to host a private training for your own team, the same discount applies. That way, you can leverage yourself by sharing the knowledge you’re learning with your entire direct sales organization.

Good marketing says I’m supposed to total up the value and tell you what a great deal you’re getting, but you already know that. These are practical tools that you’ll need to grow your business during our time together. If you’ve got a question that one of my programs already answers, I want you (and your team) to have it!

PLUS, I’ll schedule a one hour, complimentary training call for your entire team. You pick the topic, I’ll bring the content, and we’ll train like crazy, answer questions, and help your team move forward faster.

Normally, I charge (and get) $600 an hour for my coaching services. I ain’t cheap, because I deliver results. I’ve packaged this program specifically to meet the needs of direct sales consultants. I want to KNOW you’re getting a good deal, and that you’ll be ecstatic about working with me. Otherwise, I don’t want your money!

Still undecided? Think about it like this: if you choose to say YES and coach with me, do you really think you’ll be further behind, with less done, making less money?

Um. I think not. 🙂

So here’s the nitty and the gritty: I prefer action takers that know what they want. You can pay in full now for a generous discount, or pay in automatic monthly installments, which will make it easier to “earn as you go”. Either way, I’m making a six-month commitment to work with you, and I expect you’ll do the same. I don’t offer refunds on coaching because you’re paying for my time AND my knowledge – something neither of us can ever get back.

Just to re-cap, here’s what you’ll get:

  • up to 30 minutes of personal coaching each week via phone or skype.
  • unlimited email coaching each month
  • access to every product and training I offer
  • a complimentary ticket to my annual business retreat
  • a 50% discount on any training for your organization (including additional seats to the annual retreat)
  • ONE complimentary teleseminar for your entire organization (recorded for your archives)

This isn’t about me. It’s about YOU finally making the decision to take care of yourself in every aspect. And I’m here to help. What say you?

Right now, there are two private coaching spots available, and two ways to pay:


Full pay –  $2800

 That’s up to 60% off my regular hourly coaching rate!

(Prefer to pay in full via check? Email us and we’ll hook you up.)

–   O R  –

Six payments – $600 each (total of $3600)

That’s up to 50% off my regular hourly coaching rate. Payments are billed monthly.

What are you waiting for? By now, you know if this program will work for you. If not, no worries. Consider one of our other programs. But if you hear that small voice inside you saying that you need to get on board, well, these spots aren’t always available. When they’re gone, there’s no waiting list. First come, first served.

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