Looking for an out-of-the-box speaker that engages your audience and incites them to take action? Lisa Robbin Young is an engaging, insightful speaker that rallies the troops and connects with audiences on a personal level. Unlike other speakers that may just show up and present, Lisa takes time to learn about your audience and their needs before the presentation. Lisa is just as comfortable on a stage in front of thousands as she is on a one-on-one interview.

Lisa taps her background as an actor and musician to add a third dimension to every presentation. Sometimes heartfelt, sometimes funny, Lisa has an uncanny ability to bring just the right character to every event to connect with participants in a way that empowers, inspires and motivates.

Each topic can be customized to fit your company’s unique dynamics. For paid presentations, we research your company to make sure each presentation resonates with your audience. Any topic can be presented lecture-style or in an interview format. Suggested interview questions are available upon request.

Speaking Topics – Direct Sales

  • 10 Commandments of Bookings

You shall have no other hosts before this one. Remember the party date and keep it holy. You shall not kill your party. These are three of Lisa’s Ten Commandments of Bookings for party plan direct sellers. This humorous, engaging topic is designed to connect with your audience in a way that has them see their party plan business as a real business, not an expensive hobby. Lisa’s Commandments are paired with specific real-life examples and implementation steps to ensure more bookings and greater success in the direct sales career of your audience.

  • Online Marketing is MORE Than Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin. Oh my! The Social Media landscape is riddled with websites to learn and navigate, yet social media is only one aspect of online marketing for a direct sales business. In fact, the conversion rate is incredibly low in Social Media, yet the conversation rate is incredibly high. In this presentation, Lisa shares specific strategies any direct seller can use to grow their online audience with social media and convert that audience into customers with other online marketing methods. Your audience will learn why it’s important to build an email list, how to protect and market to it, as well as online marketing etiquette to ensure you stay in compliance with your company rules and regulations regarding online marketing.

  • Direct Sales 101: Strategies for a Successful Business

Ripped from the pages of her best-selling course, Direct Sales 101: Consultant Excellence, this session reveals the must-do activities of any direct seller looking to build a successful business. From target marketing strategies to word choices for scheduling appointments, recruiting, and building a solid book of business, this topic covers all the basics of what it means to be an excellent direct seller with a profitable business – not an expensive hobby.

Selected Speaking Topics – General

The following topics are suited to a variety of business and entrepreneurial audiences, and are easily tailored to a direct sales audience.

  • Know Your Value

Time and again, one of the biggest obstacles to success for business women is a failure to see the value of who they are and what they have to offer. In this presentation, Lisa shares that “You are the most important product your company has to offer” and how to know, without a doubt the real value of who you are and what you bring to the table as a business owner.

  • Raising Your Threshold of Belief

Business owners often struggle with raising the bar in their business, not because they don’t want to succeed, but because they don’t believe it’s possible. The audience actually participates in an exercise designed to raise their level of belief about some obstacle in their life, and learn the simple steps to apply this practice to any area of their life or work.

  • The Marketing “Bull’s Eye”

Forget the funnel. Lisa’s “Marketing Bull’s Eye” presentation outlines a better approach to turning complete strangers into raving fans and repeat customers. Not just a marketing tool, Lisa demonstrates how easily this process applies to any area of our lives. Audiences walk away with specific action steps to hone in on and attract more customers in record time.

  • Balance and Perfection Are NOT The Same

For working mothers – especially entrepreneurial moms, the work-life balance myth has done more to hold us back than move us forward. In this informative, and sometimes comical, presentation, Lisa shares concepts and stories designed to empower audiences to acknowledge the need for balance – which doesn’t always look like the perfectly balanced scales of justice. Lisa’s simple strategies motivate participants to get out of “analysis paralysis” mode and take effective action in their businesses and lives.

  • Be An Action Hero In Your Business

Unlike super heroes, action heroes get a little banged up from time to time. Just like in real life. Does that stop them from saving the day? No! In this presentation, Lisa shares why taking action is the critical factor for entrepreneurs to see success, and why it’s okay to make mistakes. She also shares her “business hero’s journey”, outlining the process every business owner takes to go from idea to full-fledged success. Attendees walk away with an understanding of where they are in the hero’s journey, and what their next steps must be if they want to stay on the success path.

Customized Speaking Topics

If you need a topic tailored to your group, Lisa’s specialty is working with entrepreneurial audiences. With an extensive background in direct sales and public performance, Lisa is also able to speak at your next sales training event on a variety of sales and marketing related topics.

Contact info [at] lisarobbinyoung.com for additional information.

Visit Lisa’s Coaching and Products page for more information about Lisa’s coaching and training products.



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