Direct Sales 104

Online Holiday Shopping Parties

The holiday selling season can be the busiest for direct sales professionals. It can also be difficult to pin down a date with potential hosts. The next time a host complains that everyone is travelling, consider an online party. These basic tips take the guesswork out of navigating your next (or first) online shopping party.

Direct Sales Strategies: Extra Sales Are In The (Bonus) Bag

During the holidays, most consultants add a few extra products to their display to encourage impulse buys and for customers to experience limited edition sets. Many consultants will give them away as booking gifts, or let them sit on their shelves. One of the recommendations in Direct Sales 104 to increase sales is to create a "Bonus Bag" for your parties. Here are three ways to make the Bonus Bag work for you. But what happens when you end up with a handful of seasonal items that are discontinued, no longer available, but are still in sellable condition?

Save a Bunch, Sell a Bunch with Seasonal Products

It happens every year. Your direct sales company launches a bunch of "holiday must-haves" just in time to boost your bottom line and entice your buyers to spend more when they're already in a spending mood. Invariably, one product outshines all the others, and when you come home to enter the show order - poof, they're sold out. Here are five these strategies to help you navigate the holiday out-of-stocks.

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