It Happens, So Be Ready: Dealing with Negativity on Your Facebook Fan Page

Surely MY page will never have any angry client venting their anger! Time to get real. There will come a day that someone posts something on your page that you do not like. “That’s easy,” you are thinking, “I’ll just delete it.” Yeah, that’s what Chapstick thought earlier this year when they deleted a few disgruntled comments from their fan page wall. Go here to read all about the backlash. The fact of the matter is that in this day and age, people ARE going to use social media to talk about your company and/or products. They will sing your praises and they will scream from the mountaintops when they feel they have been wronged. This is one VERY good reason to have a social media presence. Hopefully they WILL vent to you so you can do something to fix the problem. This is your chance to convert them from an angry, raging lunatic to a devoted, satisfied fan.

5 Techie Tools for Your Biz

1. Is your email signature pulling its weight? How many emails do you send a month? I bet LOTS! You never know who is going to be interested in knowing more about you and may just connect with you on one of your social media sites. Does every.single.person in your life know what you do? That includes your child's soccer coach, the neighbor who is putting on the local community garage sale, and the customer service manager at Oakley Suglasses Corporate office? (OK, those are MY recent emails, but I bet you have some peeps who don't have instant access to your links!)

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