Direct Sales Leadership: What Motivates You?

In direct sales, we talk extensively about a person's "why" - the reason they joined the business, or more to the point, the surface-level reason that they stay in the business. To be frank, a "why" will rarely, if ever, sufficiently motivate a direct sales consultant to keep working when times are tough. As a leader, you must identify the "what" of your team. The objective is to discover "what" really motivates them to stay engaged in the business.

Host Coaching For Higher Show Sales

In Direct Sales, everything comes back to your sales average. Your individual order average, your show average, they both are key determinants in your success. If your average show is $300, you'll have a harder time persuading someone to join your team that the consultant who cranks out $1000 shows. Your show results determine whether or not the guests think you're successful. If they don't think you're successful, they're not joining your team. Here are 5 tips to help coach your host to higher show sales.

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